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What is We All United (WAU)?

Truly decentralized community project. All tokens are released, only 1 BNB starting market cap, no investors before presale, no tokens being allocated or vested to the team. This is a real community project, built and supported by people. This project is here to stay and make a change.

What is the utility of We All United?

We will use part of the funds collected to help start up small projects and business and we hope if those businesses will be successful, owners will be honest and give something back. We will sponsorship projects and people who really want to make a real change in better for everyone, in all aspects of life. We will do charities, we will help the poor and the sick people. Join our AMA's every day to understand more. We will carefully consider every proposal from community to create a steady and sustainable grow. All good proposals will be discussed in AMA's, then proposals accepted will be put up for vote. The person with the idea, behind the approved concept or proposal, will be rewarded with either tokens, a place in the team or both. ​

What makes We All United unique?

Do your own research ( DYOR ), be careful, use only money you know you can afford to loose. If it makes you a little better or if it helps in any way, maybe its good to know that this project was build by people who got scammed, lost money and decided that they will build their own trustworthy and honest Project. WE ALL UNITED!

Who are the founders of We All United?

The team members are not doxed. Although, the project and its members have been KYC'ed via third-party services as well as KYCed by Coinmooner.

What are the future plans for We All United?

  • Creating a website, a logo, a telegram group, a twitter account, a token and a presale.
  • Getting as many people as possible to know us. Start creating a strong and driven community with clear target and ambitions. Create rules of engagement and establish strong fundamentals.
  • Evolve, Develop, Deliver and Give
  • Create a success story together
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