Published May 5, 20242 min read

Changpeng Zhao: 4 Months Beyond - Sentencing for Former Binance CEO

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Coinmooner starts the month with exciting news about the former CEO of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. We're talking about Changpeng Zhao. This former leader was sentenced to four months for financial crimes instead of the expected three years. His "good reputation" played a role in reducing the sentence.

Just a reminder, his previously founded cryptocurrency exchange agreed to pay a fine of $4.3 billion. More details are in our news article “Coinmooner Team Sheds Light on Binance and Zhao's Downfall: Unregistered Exchange, Deception, and Swiss Fund Shenanigans Unveiled.” Recently, Changpeng Zhao has been leading a calm and moderate life, even starting a new business, which is incredibly beneficial for the Web3 world and society. He founded the "Giggle Academy," which undoubtedly positively impacted the court's decision.

During the two-and-a-half-hour sentencing hearing, it was noted by the judge, Zhao's lawyers, and even the prosecutors that he is not a typical criminal defendant. At 47, he is a philanthropist, a benefactor, a first-time law violator, and a family man who chose to face the consequences of his actions. This unique portrayal of Zhao adds a human element to his legal situation.


Coinmooner decided to pay more attention to this legal process and provide our readers with more detailed information, uncovering some interesting nuances. It turned out that CZ's legal team presented the most convincing arguments. They repeatedly emphasized to the judge that Zhao lived in a country with which the USA doesn't have an extradition agreement - the United Arab Emirates. In their opinion, his significant wealth could have ensured a carefree lifestyle outside the country's borders. Instead, he chose to cooperate with the prosecution.

Judge Jones spent the weekend going through massive letters of support from CZ's friends and family until the book of letters fell apart.

I don't think I've ever seen such a volume of letters,

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remarked the judge, describing the defendant's passionate, though irredeemable, personality.

Another aspect caught his interest: during Judge Jones's address, CZ showed active engagement, leaning forward in his seat. Every gesture of the judge received nods of approval from him. His facial expressions and body language indicated that he anticipated a lenient sentence, which he indeed received. It seemed like CZ had foreseen his future several months ago, showing four fingers in photographs, hinting at his verdict.

Overall, the letters of support, his "extraordinary cooperation with the government, and clean past" likely mitigated the sentence. For Changpeng Zhao himself, the impending confinement will probably be a period of rest and reflection rather than strict punishment. The billionaire noted that he had been working on a global online education initiative for children in the past few months. Coinmooner will closely monitor developments and promptly report on everything that happens. However, it can be assumed that this decision will be a turning point in the case of the former CEO. We also want to remind you that in the Web3 industry, it is always necessary to resort to advanced security methods to maximize the protection of finances from possible losses.

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