Published March 8, 20242 min read

Breaking Barriers: Binance's "CRYPTO" Fragrance Aims to Empower Women in the Cryptocurrency Space

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In today's news article, our team, Coinmooner, noticed an exciting initiative aimed at bringing women from the Web2 industry into the world of Web3 to learn and use cryptocurrency. The largest centralized exchange in the world, Binance, has launched a similar initiative. In their official Twitter post, they mentioned the lack of women in the crypto industry and announced the launch of a new fragrance called "CRYPTO" to start conversations about bridging the gender gap. This initiative also aims to draw attention to International Women's Day on March 8th and serves as a clever marketing move.

The fragrance from the crypto exchange Binance, named "CRYPTO," also known as "Eau de Binance," opens with refreshing notes of ozone, salt, and moss, giving a sense of freshness and vitality. Binance has released around 100 bottles of these unique fragrances, but they are not actually for sale. Instead, women can "experience" the scent at popup windows in a shopping center in Bahrain. This allows women to imagine this scent and draw their attention to the world of cryptocurrency.

Creating a fragrance from a crypto exchange is unusual and attractive. It will grab people's attention and generate interest in the company Binance and cryptocurrencies in general. Additionally, the launch of the "CRYPTO" fragrance can be seen as a symbolic expression of the idea that the world of cryptocurrency can be appealing and accessible to everyone. It's also a delightful surprise and a good gesture from the company.


Binance's initiative to create a "CRYPTO" fragrance and attract women to the industry seems exciting and innovative. It's a unique way to draw attention to the world of cryptocurrencies and bridge the gender gap. However, like any unconventional marketing move, it may face questions and criticism. Some may see it as simplifying women's interest in crypto through traditionally feminine attributes like scents, potentially reinforcing stereotypes.

Despite potential challenges and criticism, most users welcome this unconventional approach, likely to change stereotypes and attract a new audience. The success of this initiative will depend on its follow-up actions and real efforts to create a more inclusive crypto community. Our team at Coinmooner will closely monitor the developments and society's response to this initiative.

Currently, as noted, Binance leads the world in trading volume, totaling $43,970,838,610 in 24 hours. Even compared to competitors like Coinbase and Bybit, whose combined trading volume in 24 hours is around $12,290,320,177, roughly four times less than Binance. The impact of this marketing campaign remains unknown, but past successful sports advertising campaigns with famous athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo have yielded huge results. The exchange attracted a vast number of users through collaboration with the athlete. You can find more details in our article "The Coinmooner Team Gathers Information on Events Involving Ronaldo and Binance, Including Legal Actions".

Our Coinmooner team carefully tracks developments and always shares information about significant marketing moves made by leading cryptocurrency companies worldwide with our respected readers. Additionally, we urge our readers to independently verify information from multiple reliable sources and remember to apply advanced security methods to safeguard their finances in the Web3 world.

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