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A New Era for African Crypto: Coinbase and Yellow Card's Game-Changing Partnership

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In a new article, the Coinmooner team highlighted information from one of the leading and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges globally, Coinbase. Just recently, Coinbase announced a strategic partnership with Yellow Card, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange service in Africa. The aim of this collaboration is to offer services in 20 African countries, addressing unique challenges and exploring new opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, drawing the attention of a new potential audience to this exciting world.

The idea is for Coinbase to provide access to millions of users to the USDC stablecoin from Circle on the Base secondary network, utilizing Yellow Card's robust payment infrastructure. This move aligns with Coinbase's commitment to promoting financial inclusion and improving accessibility in regions where traditional banking infrastructure may be limited and unable to fully meet the needs of the modern audience.

Starting from February 2024, African users will be able to directly purchase USDC through the Yellow Card widget in Coinbase Wallet. This strategic integration will significantly streamline the transaction process, allowing users to buy USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.

Covering a substantial portion of African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, and many others, Yellow Card navigates various economic contexts and complexities. Coinbase acknowledges these challenges and sees this partnership as a step towards providing more viable transaction means in this region.


This partnership is significant for the community as it provides the region with efficient transaction means amidst high inflation and dependence on transfers, thereby contributing to addressing economic challenges. Coinbase's global expansion into the African region not only reflects the cryptocurrency's drive for worldwide adaptation but also underscores the company's active involvement in tackling financial issues.

It is evident that the company harbors global ambitions. Its decision to enter the African market follows the announcement of its intention to acquire a licensed company in compliance with MiFID, indicating ambitious plans for expanding derivative offerings in the European Union. Currently facilitating trading in the EU, the platform aims to utilize the new license to introduce cryptocurrency derivatives in Europe.

Our Coinmooner team will closely monitor subsequent steps that may impact the crypto market and inform our readers about all aspects of these events. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of securing your data and investments, strongly recommending the use of advanced security methods. We also urge checking official news from multiple sources and conducting your own analysis.

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