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How to use DxSale with TrustWallet via WalletConnect

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Installing TrustWallet

TrustWallet is a mobile crypto wallet, so installing it is very simple - just head over to Google Play or App Store and install the TrustWallet app.

TrustWallet supports WalletConnect - a protocol for connecting mobile wallets and decentralized application (dApps) with QR code scanning.

Connecting TrustWallet to DxSale

DxSale is a platform with numerous dApps and other features related to DeFi and smart contracts, but what we are interested in today is DxLaunch.

DxLaunch is a Launchpad - a dApp for new tokens to conduct their presale in a decentralized and transparent way.

This is how you would access DxLaunch to browse presales.

But usually project team will provide you with a direct link to their presale.


When you open the presale section in DxLaunch, you can connect your wallet by clicking Connect Wallet button.


Select WalletConnect (BSC) option

You will see a WalletConnect QR code.


Now open your TrustWallet app on your phone, head over to settings and find WalletConnect option


Camera will activate for you to scan the QR code from DxSale website.

Once connected, you are able to participate in active presales on DxLaunch.


Participating in a presale on DxLaunch

Let's have a look at this example. Presale has already started and is still ongoing. You can see that Contribute button is active.

Enter the desired amount and click Contribute!


TrustWallet will open up on your phone with a transaction that you are about to send.


Once transaction is confirmed, you're done!

Claiming your tokens

When the presale is over, you can head back to the presale page on DxLaunch to claim your tokens!

Simply connect your wallet again, and click on Claim Tokens button.


Confirm transaction and your tokens are on the way to your wallet!

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