Published April 21, 20242 min read

Legendary Deal: 646 Bitcoins for Grant Cardone's Villa in Miami-Dade

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In today's article, Coinmooner wants to share an exciting real estate and Bitcoin event that has captured worldwide attention. Recently, it was announced that renowned American businessman and real estate investor Grant Cardone has decided to sell his stunning villa in the prestigious Miami-Dade area for 646 bitcoins, accepting payment exclusively in cryptocurrency. This event has sparked a lot of interest and drawn the attention of crypto enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Grant Cardone, whose name symbolizes success in business and investments, is the author of several business bestsellers, the creator of the online educational platform Cardone U, and the organizer of the largest business conference in the USA - The 10X Growth Conferences. He is also an investor in various companies and the founder of several successful enterprises recognized worldwide.

Grant Cardone's offering is a unique opportunity to own a piece of luxury on the Florida coast. This opulent mansion, once the residence of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, is now up for grabs in exchange for Bitcoin. The property, valued at over $45 million, boasts 6 bedrooms, a pool, and a private beach. Its rich history and state-of-the-art amenities make it a standout in the real estate market.


In a previous article, 'Homes on the Blockchain: Where to Invest Cryptocurrency in Real Estate', Coinmooner highlighted a growing trend: the increasing number of individuals opting to use digital currencies for real estate purchases, a departure from traditional financial methods. Grant Cardone's mansion sale is a prime example of this trend, prompting us to delve deeper into its history and features.

It's known that previously, this house belonged to the fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who bought it in 2021 for $28 million. It's located in the prestigious area of Miami-Dade, in the municipality of Golden Beach, where many successful businessmen, representatives of the American elite, and millionaires reside. The mansion's area, put up for sale for such an impressive amount, is 954 square meters.

Today, cryptocurrency is expanding into more sectors that seemed inaccessible to it in Web2, and many countries and regions are taking the use of cryptocurrency for payment more seriously every day. Coinmooner will track this development and promptly cover exciting details. Additionally, it is essential to safeguard finances using cutting-edge protection methods in the Web3 industry.

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