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Homes on the Blockchain: Where to Invest Cryptocurrency in Real Estate

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In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of the global economy, capturing the interest of not only investors but also those seeking new and innovative ways to utilize digital assets. One of the most exciting trends in this field is the purchase of real estate using cryptocurrency. In a recent news article, our team, Coinmooner, conducted an analysis of this trend. Over the past week, this topic has gained special relevance in light of the SEC's approval of Bitcoin.

Instead of traditional financial means, more people are turning their attention to the possibility of using digital currencies to acquire real estate, thereby creating unique and promising opportunities in the real estate sector.

A key aspect that makes purchasing real estate with cryptocurrency attractive is the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency transactions. Traditional banking transactions often involve numerous intermediaries, paperwork, and delays. When using cryptocurrency for real estate transactions, these difficulties become a thing of the past. Transactions occur directly between the buyer and the seller, minimizing the role of intermediaries and speeding up the entire process.

Security also becomes a crucial factor when considering the use of cryptocurrencies for real estate acquisition. The blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrencies ensures a high level of security and transparency in transactions. All transactions are recorded in an immutable blockchain, preventing manipulation and data falsification. This fosters trust between parties and eliminates the risk of fraud, which can be particularly important in large transactions such as real estate purchases.

One of the most notable examples of a successful real estate purchase with cryptocurrency is the growth of the real estate market accepting Bitcoin and other digital assets as a means of payment. This has opened doors to new opportunities in the industry, attracting the attention of both individual investors and large companies. From luxury apartments to commercial properties, property accessible with cryptocurrency is becoming a reality, not just a topic for discussion.

An undeniable advantage of using cryptocurrency for real estate purchases is global accessibility. Cryptocurrencies are not subject to geographical borders and are independent of the financial systems of individual countries. This opens doors for those looking to invest in real estate abroad or simply diversify their asset portfolio, bypassing restrictions that may arise when using traditional currencies.

However, despite all the advantages, purchasing real estate with cryptocurrency is still a relatively new and evolving trend. There are challenges and risks, such as the volatility of cryptocurrency prices and regulation by government authorities. Nevertheless, with the growing interest in this form of transaction, it is expected that new approaches and solutions will be developed to ensure the stability and resilience of this market segment. Let's now examine which countries have already implemented such possibilities in 2024.



Indonesia is one of the countries actively allowing real estate purchases at the legislative level. The first such transaction in the country took place in 2014 when the buyer of a luxurious villa on Bali chose to remain anonymous. However, it became known that the property was acquired for about 800 bitcoins (BTC), equivalent to approximately $500 thousand at that time. Remarkably, the deal was completed in just an hour, significantly faster than traditional financial transactions. It's worth noting that by 2014, cryptocurrency in Indonesia had the status of a commodity on the exchange. Recently, in early 2023, it was reclassified as a security.

In Indonesia, numerous platforms operate that facilitate real estate acquisitions using cryptocurrency. At the end of 2022, authorities announced their intention to establish a state cryptocurrency exchange, indicating a growing interest in such transactions in the country.



Portugal is becoming increasingly popular among people involved in innovative technologies, Web3, and cryptocurrencies. The country has become a true haven for those looking to work remotely. It offers not only a favorable climate, excellent internet, and a pleasant social environment but also support from Portuguese authorities in the field of digital technologies.

For instance, the Central Bank of Portugal licenses cryptocurrency exchanges, although official transactions in the country are accepted only in euros. Despite this, those dreaming of acquiring real estate in Portugal have the opportunity to use cryptocurrency for transactions with private sellers and some developers. However, they will later need to use the services of one of the legal cryptocurrency exchanges for final financial transactions. Thus, Portugal not only provides attractive conditions for remote work but is also open to innovative payment methods, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern and comfortable place to live and work.

United States of America


In various U.S. states, it's now possible to buy real estate using cryptocurrency. The platform offering this service is open to users worldwide and integrated with the Coinbase Commerce payment system. This service allows sellers in the U.S. to accept payment for their real estate in digital currencies. This innovative option has been available since April 2023 and is currently limited to properties in the state of Texas.

Agents, brokers, and real estate sellers in Texas can now showcase their properties to a global audience, regardless of their location, language, or preferred currency. The program was planned to expand to other states by June 2023.

Furthermore, with the recent SEC approval of Bitcoin, it's anticipated that this opportunity will soon become an integral part of the American real estate market. The openness to cryptocurrency transactions among agents and brokers, along with regulatory changes, signals the transformation of this innovative move into a commonplace practice in the United States.



In Canada, there is a explosive surge in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, fueled by the friendly legislative attitude towards this type of assets. This facilitates ease in conducting various operations with digital currencies, despite the lack of official recognition as legal means of payment.

In Canada, authorized real estate companies actively accept cryptocurrency payments. With their help, transactions can be carried out without unnecessary difficulties, highlighting the innovative nature of financial operations in the country. As noted in our article "Regulation and Prospects Overview of Leading Countries in 2023 by the Coinmooner Team" Canada stands out for the stability of its laws, which have remained almost unchanged for many years. However, by drawing from global experience and adapting to market changes, the country is refining its rules.

A unique feature of cryptocurrency regulation in Canada lies in its successful balance. Unlike some countries taking cautious or even restrictive measures, Canada has preferred to establish clear rules, provisions, and requirements for companies engaged in cryptocurrency activities. This approach ensures not only the protection of market participants' interests but also promotes the innovative development of this sphere in the country.


The Coinmooner team believes that analyzing information about the potential of acquiring real estate using cryptocurrency during the upcoming bull run and Bitcoin halving can help people figure out where it's worthwhile to invest their funds. Real estate, like gold, is not affected by inflation, and its value tends to steadily increase. There are many investment options, including short or long-term rentals, resale, subdivision into smaller segments, and other methods, making this investment sector significant and in demand.

Additionally, despite the numerous advantages and opportunities for cryptocurrency-based investments, the Coinmooner team urges its readers to remember the importance of protecting their investments and personal information. We also recommend double-checking any information, even if it comes from trusted sources. As demonstrated by recent events discussed in the article "Crypto Chaos: The False Tweet That Shook the SEC and Wiped Out $90 Million" false information can come from verified sources, so it's crucial to always personally verify the provided data.

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