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Published April 26, 20228 min read

Crypto Presales: How to Join

CoinMooner Team

The usual scheme to get hold of tokens is by purchasing or exchanging them when they are already successfully functioning in the cryptocurrency market and are used to pay for goods or services. Also, tokens often work as an investment tool, and in this case, it is customary to buy tokens at an ICO.

But there is a possibility of investing within the pre-ICO format as well. Pre-ICO is a crypto presale, a legitimate opportunity to acquire profitable tokens before they become publicly available. Since presales come with some pitfalls and nuances, you need to learn a lot of useful information to minimize risks.

What Is a Crypto Presale?

A cryptocurrency presale is an event organized before an ICO so that investors can buy, at a very low price, limited quantities of startup tokens that have not yet been officially released.

How Does Presale Work?

A few months before an official release of tokens, developer companies announce upcoming crypto presales. Information about the event is available to a limited number of investors. Less known projects, which also make bids for successful business growth, talk about pre-sales on specialized sites.

The sale speed depends on the number of available tokens and their popularity. The market actually generates demand, so there is a minimum and maximum value of the token. The process of selling off tokens from potentially profitable projects ends pretty quickly. Some Pre-ICO sales ended a few seconds after the start.

For this reason, it is better to follow the news if you intend to make money by buying promising tokens. Try to always keep up with what is happening on the market, what products are in demand, and what is on-trend. Compare the results of your research with startups’ proposals and their benefits to consumers and make the final decision based on this comparison.

Who Can Launch a Presale?

Both members of the team working on the project and those who have learned about upcoming crypto presales from various sources have access to pre-sale coins. For example, many offers are posted on specialized sites, exchanges, and expert forums.

Security on Presales

Make sure to check the project in advance before making a purchase. This will allow you to avoid the so-called dead coins that have no real value on the market. Also, take care of the security of your Internet connection when trading.

Types of Presale

Cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and tokens can be put up for pre-sale. Preliminary sales can be arranged directly between the organizers and investors or involve an intermediary (decentralized cryptocurrency exchange).

Upcoming Presale Cryptocurrency List



Specialized sites, such as CryptoTotem, CoinMarketcap, Icodrops, or Icomarks, allow you to learn about upcoming crypto presales. Such resources create lists and post data on sales that are taking place now or will be held in the near future.

They allow token developers to post information about their project, and investors can figure out which pre-sales are already open or planned. Thus, an investor can compare different offers, choose the most promising and profitable of them, and earn more than during a standard ICO procedure.

Over time, the price of such tokens may increase several times, which will allow you to recoup your investments and get a fairly large profit on top of this.

How to Participate in Crypto Presale

You don’t need special knowledge or skills to participate in a crypto presale as an investor. The process itself is quite simple to perform.

Register with a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Choose a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, fill out the new user form, and go through the account verification process. Then, make your deposit to access the trading function.

Prepare Your Wallet

The wallet can be hardware (cold) or online (hot). It is optimal to have both options. Hot wallets are offered by the exchanges where you register as an investor. With their help, you will be able to carry out transactions quickly and without obstacles. A cold wallet is a place of permanent storage of your cryptocurrencies.

Wait For the Presale Opening

The developers of the project issue a prior notice of the beginning of the preliminary sale. It is worth sticking to the scheduled time because investors snatch up promising tokens in minutes, less often - in a few hours.

Make Your Contribution

Exchange a certain amount of cryptocurrency or fiat money for a new token. Don’t buy new tokens for the entire amount of your assets because there are certain risks involved in crypto investment. It is also important to keep in mind that you have to pay seller fees. So, invest exactly as much as you don't mind losing.

Follow the Sale Progress

In the initial stages, large companies invest almost all their efforts in the project development, so the token price may move up slowly. Monitor price movements constantly to predict when the token can be sold most profitably.

Tips for Participating

So, to enjoy an excellent return on investment from crypto presales, the investor needs to pay attention to such factors:

  • Project jurisdiction. Startups striving for success try to register in cryptocurrency-friendly jurisdictions.
  • The team and its reputation. It is important that the team members have already achieved some success in their field and earned the reputation of excellent professionals. Risks are too high when investing in those undertakings that unknown people manage. It is more dangerous to invest in a startup that does not say anything about its developers and is silent about other details.
  • Terms of use, emission volume, terms of sale, and other technicals. All this information should be presented in the white paper.
  • Analyze the project prospects. Not all startups are doomed to success. It is necessary to independently assess the prospects of the project and make personal forecasts of its development.
  • With this approach, the investor filters out most of the proposals and selects only projects with minimal risks while the profitability remains quite high due to the specifics of the pre-ICO event itself.

    Is It Profitable to Invest in Projects on Presale?

    Сrypto presales always provide investors with a great way to get good returns, but only if the new tokens become quite popular in the future. The investor can count on the fairly high profitability of these contracts due to the fact that the price of the token will increase after the official release. However, there are many risks in this area. You need to know them in order to understand how to save your finances while not abandoning the idea of ​​​​participating in this type of sale in general.


  • Getting new coins at a low price
  • Receiving exactly the amount you want to own as opposed to more limited offers during ICOs
  • Securing a stake in the cryptocurrency supply
  • Earning various bonuses like exclusive membership, free access, merchandise, and so on
  • Gaining profits by selling the assets at much higher prices when the startup is successfully launched
  • Risks

  • You cannot know whether a project will be successful in the long run, especially in the cryptocurrency presale stage, when the project is still under development.
  • Since at least some part of early investors tend to offload pre-sold coins as soon as the ICO starts with the aim of securing their margin, this can lead to a sharp decrease in the cryptocurrency price, which will damage your investment portfolio.
  • There is also a risk of being scammed, as some fake start-ups are created and heavily advertised with the sole goal of attracting more people with the hype, collecting money from investors, and then disappearing.
  • This is another reason to carefully track the news in this niche and put some effort into understanding which projects can be trusted and why. Experienced investors are aware of all these risks, so they use the following strategy. They select several projects from a presale cryptocurrency list and invest in them. Even if not all startups from the list are going to succeed, profits received from fortunate projects will still cover the risks. As a result, the investor will not lose their money and may even receive impressive income.

    Presale vs. ICO


    An ICO starts after a project is fully completed and the token receives community support or has a solid capitalization that guarantees its success on the market or at least some stability. With this in mind, the main advantages of ICO are:

  • Access to verified cryptocurrencies
  • Guaranteed return on investment
  • No need to conduct more thorough research
  • However, pre-sales also have their advantages. The most important of them is a much higher return on investment. Investors have the opportunity to make a profit ten times the amount they pumped into a coin. But the success of a project depends on many factors, so doing your research is a must and acting with extra caution.

    Conclusion on Crypto Presale

    Not all projects work in the same way. Most of them still offer tokens solely as a cryptocurrency units rather than an equivalent of securities capable of generating passive income. And this is another reason to remain alert and carefully examine each project to properly predict its future development.

    However, presale cryptocurrency still offers more opportunities for gaining profit than buying coins at an ICO, so we suggest approaching this issue with enthusiasm multiplied by detailed analysis and research.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is a Crypto Presale?

    A crypto presale is a process of buying tokens before they officially enter the market. It helps developers raise funds and successfully complete the project. It also allows investors to earn income based on differences between presale discounts and the price set during an ICO.

    How to Participate in Crypto Presale?

    You need to constantly monitor presale cryptocurrency lists published on specialized platforms, social networks, and official sites of crypto projects developers.

    Is It Profitable to Invest in Projects on Presale?

    Investing in cryptocurrency at the presale stage is beneficial, yet only if you weigh all the risks, check the reliability of the project, and are perfectly sure that all project backers will get their share of profits.

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