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Gathered from the Distant 1929: NFT Collections Featuring Mickey Mouse Dominate on OpenSea

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In our latest news article, the Coinmooner team focused on the NFT sector, which is currently causing a buzz and excitement among crypto enthusiasts worldwide. The spotlight is on three collections featuring the beloved Mickey Mouse in his 1929 appearance, making them leaders on the popular OpenSea trading platform. One of these collections claims a record-breaking trading volume of an impressive $1.2 million.

The surge in interest in the animated character is due to the expiration of the 95-year copyright on Mickey Mouse in the new year of 2024, turning him into a cultural asset. However, Disney emphasizes that the modern portrayal of Mickey remains unchanged.

Despite the expiration of copyright for the early version of Mickey Mouse, Disney emphasizes that this event doesn't affect the protection of contemporary variations of the character. Additionally, a Disney representative stated that the company intends to continue defending its copyrights for modern incarnations of Mickey Mouse.

Each of the 1929 Mickey Mouse collections offers a unique perspective on this famous character, featuring captivating images. Currently, all three collections are trending on the Opensea platform, generating increased interest and a total trading volume of 623 ETH, equivalent to $1,493,281.16 USD at the current exchange rate.


The first collection, leading the trend, is called "Steamboat Willie." Its total trading volume is 173 ETH. This collection features faces and images of Mickey Mouse, showcasing a variety of emotions and clothing styles. It combines elements of old clothing and design with modern details that were unheard of 90 years ago.

The second collection, named "Steamboat Willie Public Domain 2024," consists of only one image, showing Mickey Mouse steering a steamboat. Interestingly, this collection has the highest overall trading volume at 432 ETH.

The third collection, titled "Steamboat Willie's Riverboat," is similar to the previous one, consisting of a single image. However, this time the main character is not present. Instead, we see an image of a steamboat on a river, presumably controlled by Mickey Mouse. This collection has the lowest trading volume, amounting to 17 ETH.

All three collections stand out with a black-and-white palette, emphasizing a commitment to old animation and showing respect to all fans of this globally renowned character.

The Coinmooner team believes that the excitement in the new year clearly shows that consumers value content that grabs attention. The NFT sector has been in the shadows for a long time, and many analysts and skeptics think that this market has no future without rich NFT features. However, the current situation indicates that users are willing to bring this sector back to its peak of popularity. All it takes is to create content that captures attention, whether it's a functional product or something that sparks nostalgia for crypto enthusiasts.

Additionally, we encourage our readers to always personally analyze any information in the Web3 world and beyond. It's also important to take care of and ensure the protection of your finances. Approach investments consciously and be vigilant about your personal security in the online space.

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