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Petrobras in Cardano Academy: New Horizons in Blockchain Education

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A non-profit organization based in Switzerland, dedicated to advancing the public digital infrastructure of Cardano, has announced the launch of an educational blockchain program in collaboration with Petrobras, the state energy giant of Brazil. In a recent news article, the Coinmooner team conducted a thorough analysis of this event, highlighting its significance and impact on the blockchain world, and is eager to share this with its readers!

The main goal of this initiative is to promote and establish blockchain technologies as a crucial element in financial and social systems. This strategic partnership program aims to further expand knowledge and raise awareness in the field of blockchain technologies. The initiative seeks to facilitate the integration of new approaches to blockchain technologies into modern business processes and the activities of the energy industry.

On the official Cardano Foundation website, Coinmooner team discovered that, as part of the partnership with the Brazilian state energy company Petrobras, the Cardano Foundation plans to conduct educational masterclasses on blockchain technology for Petrobras employees. The training will utilize materials from the Cardano Academy through the Petrobras university's learning portal. Participants in the masterclasses will discuss the potential of blockchain, explore various applications of this technology, and participate in interactive quizzes on relevant topics. The educational program will be tailored to Petrobras needs and integrated into their employee training programs, reaching over 40,000 company employees. At the end of the training, participants will receive a blockchain course completion certificate.


Cardano Academy is a comprehensive blockchain education program developed as part of the Cardano Foundation's initiative. This unique initiative serves as a reliable resource for those looking to delve deep into the possibilities offered by blockchain technology.

The first 500 participants from Petrobras in the Cardano Academy will also be rewarded with unique NFTs. These digital assets are created in collaboration with the Petrobras Educational Council and will highlight their significant achievements. While the specific topics included in the educational process are not yet clear, all the terminology and possibilities of blockchain technology will undoubtedly be covered.

The Cardano Foundation is confident that partnering with Petrobras will be the first step in implementing a range of new initiatives aimed at expanding knowledge in blockchain through educational programs for employees. Ultimately, they hope to discover new perspectives for applying the technology in the energy sector, closely connected to Petrobras.

The Coinmooner team is excited to share some very positive news from the blockchain technology sphere. Understanding and embracing the world of cryptocurrencies play a significant role for users in all fields of activity. Such initiatives contribute to moving forward. Additionally, we urge our users to always stay informed about new innovations in the Web3 space, conduct personal analyses, and ensure the security of their funds by following fraud protection rules.

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