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Published January 24, 20246 min read

Sponsors from the Crypto Sphere: How Technology is Changing the Game in Sports Marketing

CoinMooner Team

In the modern information landscape of our world, the Coinmooner team presents you with a comprehensive analysis of a topic currently at the forefront – the impact of cryptocurrencies on the world of sports as sponsors. In this article, we will explore how cryptocurrencies are becoming key players in transforming the sports industry, ushering us from Web2 into the era of Web3. In a context where digital technologies permeate all aspects of life and the cryptocurrency revolution becomes an inevitable reality, our focus is on the exciting blend of the traditional and the new virtual world, particularly in the context of sporting events. In this new era, uniting Web3, we observe the boundaries between the past and the future fading, and traditional sports industries seamlessly transferring their roots into digital reality.

The financial revolution initiated by cryptocurrencies deeply influences the sports sector. Blockchain technologies provide transparency and efficiency in transactions, enhancing the operations of sponsors and financial flows within sports clubs. However, it's not only the financial aspects undergoing changes – blockchain technologies create decentralized ecosystems in sports communities through smart contracts, impacting social and political changes in the sports sphere. In our article, we will explore how this innovative influence of Web3 undergoes an exciting period of synergy with traditional Web2 methods, opening new horizons and possibilities in the thrilling world of sports. Let's together delve into which cryptocurrency giants have already become an integral part of the sports world, unlocking doors to a new era of merging financial innovations and the adrenaline of competitions.



Let's start by looking at one of the major sponsors in the crypto world that stands out for its active role in cryptocurrency development and close ties to the sports industry. We're talking about This player in the market was founded in Hong Kong in June 2016, and three years later, the exchange was launched. As of today, the platform, based in Singapore, serves over 50 million customers in 90 countries, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and some Asian countries., functioning as a centralized exchange (CEX), offers various features such as spot trading, margin trading, and derivatives. Additionally, it actively participates in the DeFi space, providing products like the DeFi wallet and the ecosystem, based on its own token, Cronos (CRO).

The company has been involved in sports sponsorship for a long time through its partnership with the mixed martial arts organization UFC. This collaboration has attracted numerous new users from the Web2 world. Fighters from this international sports organization, headquartered in Las Vegas, USA, and hosting mixed martial arts events worldwide, receive equipment, financial support, and active promotion in the media.

Furthermore, as highlighted in a recent news article "Full Throttle with Web3 in Formula 1: OKX and McLaren Partnership Keeps Rolling," is also actively collaborating with Formula 1, contributing to the development of this prestigious sport.



The largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, actively supports the world of sports by investing funds in well-known athletes, including the great footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The collaboration between Binance and Ronaldo focuses on promoting unique digital assets known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These virtual objects, representing unique ownership rights, closely interact with the Binance ecosystem. Leveraging Ronaldo's popularity and influence in the sports world, Binance attracts new participants.

It's worth noting that, according to one of our articles, this partnership has not only generated interest but also led to disputes resulting in legal proceedings. Investors represented by Michael Sizemore, Michael Wongdara, and Gordon Lewis claimed that Binance's support for Cristiano Ronaldo played a significant role in causing financial losses to investors. You can find details of this event here "The Coinmooner Team Gathers Information on Events Involving Ronaldo and Binance, Including Legal Actions."

Additionally, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has entered into a partnership agreement with the leading Italian football club "Lazio." The partnership contract is for two years, with the possibility of extension for another year by mutual agreement. As part of this partnership, besides featuring the exchange's logo on players' jerseys, platform advertisements prominently appeared at the "Lazio" football club's stadium.

However, the collaboration went beyond just visual representation at football matches. Binance also issued a fan token linked to the football club and launched the sale of NFT tickets for matches. These innovative steps contributed to a closer interaction between the exchange and the football community, creating a unique experience for fans and investors.



One of the latest but equally important sponsors in the sports world from the Web3 industry is the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. This player has decided to focus on basketball and become a sponsor of the largest and most popular league in the world – the National Basketball Association (NBA). Additionally, the exchange's sponsorship opportunities have expanded to the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA), the NBA 2K League in esports, and the USA Basketball national team.

This strategic partnership was announced on the 75th anniversary of the Basketball Association, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between both parties. The association has become a strategic partner with Coinbase to strengthen its presence in the cryptocurrency sphere and prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

It's worth noting that Coinbase is one of the oldest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This American trading and investment platform for cryptocurrencies allows users to easily buy, sell, exchange, and store digital assets. Founded in 2012 by former Airbnb engineer Brian Armstrong and former Goldman Sachs trader Fred Ehrsam, the platform provides an intuitive interface that is user-friendly for beginners. It supports major transactions, provides a digital wallet, and enables fund withdrawals through PayPal. The collaboration with the Basketball Association aims to create unique content, introduce innovations, and organize events and promotions to spread knowledge and information about digital assets among basketball fans.


The Coinmooner team believes that the provided information will be very useful for those looking to analyze the market and prepare for events such as the Bull Run and Bitcoin Halving. One key indicator is the influx of new clients from the Web2 sphere. Given the news about sponsorship and investments from major industry players, it can be assumed that demand and supply in the crypto industry will be active and dynamic.

Additionally, the collaboration between cryptocurrency exchanges and the sports industry resembles a co-branding program, where there is mutual exchange and expansion of the customer base. Exchange users show interest in the sports world by participating in joint activities, and some even have the opportunity to become fans of specific sports teams.

On the other hand, sports viewers and fans are introduced to the digital assets industry, the NFT market, which also contributes to the growth of the cryptocurrency exchange user base. This mutually beneficial cooperation brings benefits to all participants.

We also want to remind our readers about the importance of security in the Web3 industry. Always verify information, conduct personal analysis, and ensure the protection of your investments and portfolios using advanced technical tools. More detailed information can be found in one of our articles on this topic "Mistakes, Carelessness, Thefts: Avoiding Losses in the Web3 World. Real Hacking Stories and Ways to Ensure Security."

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