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Published March 5, 20245 min read

Beyond Buzzwords: Practical Steps to Navigate the Web3 Investment Landscape

CoinMooner Team

Our team at Coinmooner aims to provide analytical data focused on finding promising projects for our valued readers to consider investing in. However, the question remains: how can one search for such projects, understand their directions and overall vision to stay ahead in the process? There are numerous ways to achieve this goal, from monitoring social networks to using browsers and news portals. However, these methods don't always provide a complete understanding of the project. Therefore, our team will tell you about one of the lesser-known but extremely effective methods.

One of the simplest ways to succeed in finding promising investment projects is to actively track the activities of professionals specializing in this field. We're not talking about YouTubers or popular bloggers here, but rather companies focused on the successful development of innovative and promising projects. Excellent examples of such companies include crypto funds, venture studios, or investment firms that invest in various segments of Web3, such as centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges (CEX and DEX), play-to-earn gaming platforms (P2E), projects with NFT elements, social finance (SocialFi), decentralized finance (DeFi), metaverses (Metaverse), launchpad platforms for new projects, and many more. Specialists in such funds carefully study the market and have information about projects long before their official announcement or appearance on public markets. Therefore, actively observing the activities of these crypto funds significantly increases the likelihood of investing in successful projects in the Web3sphere. Today, the Coinmooner team has gathered detailed information for you about several such crypto funds, venture studios, and investment firms our readers can follow to stay up-to-date with the most relevant and useful investment news in the world.



Let's start with "The Spartan Group" company. Founded in 2017, they're a top advisor in digital assets, and asset management, and a Web3venture studio run by industry veterans. According to Coinmooner's team analysis, they prefer investing in various Web3 sectors like DeFi (31.8%), gaming (21.4%), and blockchain services (20.2%), and allocate 26.6% to other segments like NFTs, MEME, SocialFi, and Stable Coins.

Among the projects they've worked with and continue to work with is Karma3Labs, which raised $4,500,000 in seed funding and focuses on blockchain services. Also notable is the Overworld project in the P2E industry, raising $10,000,000 in seed funding.

They're also leaders in Web3mergers and acquisitions and capital raising for projects. Leveraging their unique experience with world-class teams, deep understanding of the crypto industry, and a robust network, they've created a top-tier fund globally, identifying the best startups in crypto.

By following The Spartan Group company and its social media activity, you can gather valuable information early on, helping users worldwide become among the first investors in potentially promising projects!



The next investment firm is probably one of the most famous companies in the Web3 industry, and every crypto enthusiast should know about it. BlackRock is an American international investment company headquartered in New York City. It's one of the largest investment firms globally and the largest in terms of assets under management.

By the end of 2022, its assets under management were $8.59 trillion (down from over $10 trillion at the beginning of the year). Founded in 1988 as part of the Blackstone Group, it was started by eight people led by Laurence Fink. In 1992, the company was named BlackRock.

BlackRock invests in various sectors, including gaming (25%), centralized financial instruments (50%), and blockchain services (25%). However, it also invests in many other industries unrelated to Web3 and is part of the "Big Three" investment companies in the US (BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street). As of 2017, it topped the list of shareholders in 88% of companies in the S&P 500 index. Additionally, BlackRock is a shareholder in major corporations in Europe and Asia.

Our Coinmooner team strongly recommends our readers keep an eye on information provided by BlackRock, not only within the Web3 industry but also beyond, as your investment portfolio may include a variety of assets.



Pantera Capital is a standout player in the Web3 industry, focusing on startups and innovations. It's the first institutional asset manager in the US dedicated solely to blockchain technology. Since its inception in 2013, Pantera has been actively investing in digital assets and blockchain companies, offering investors a wide range of opportunities in this rapidly evolving sphere.

Founded by former head of macro trading at Tiger Management and CFO Dan Morehead, Pantera's global macro strategy has grown to over $1 billion in institutional investments. In 2013, Pantera also became the first creator of blockchain hedge funds and venture funds in the US. The company now has offices in various regions, including the Bay Area, New York, and Puerto Rico.

Pantera's main investment focuses include DeFi (27.8%), other technologies (40.5%), blockchain services (17.8%), and CeFi (14.1%). Additionally, the company actively invests in various market segments such as NFTs, StableCoins, and infrastructure.

With its vast experience and international presence, Pantera Capital has become a key player in the world of innovative projects. Its meticulous approach to project selection makes it an invaluable resource for analysis and finding promising investments.

Coinmooner has compiled several successful examples of Pantera's collaborations with projects in the Web3 sphere. One of them is Helika, which raised $8,000,000 in Series A funding in the blockchain services category. Another successful example is Karak, which raised $48,000,000 in Series A funding in the blockchain infrastructure category.


Coinmooner believes this article will be incredibly helpful in many ways. It will be a valuable source of information to help our readers better understand investment opportunities, make informed decisions, and discover more promising projects in the Web3 space. We're confident our material will help readers grasp how investment funds work and the methods for analyzing startups. Investing in early-stage projects can yield high returns, especially when selecting the right startups. Venture studios and crypto funds can facilitate a deeper and more meaningful analysis of projects.

Furthermore, studying startups in the Web3sphere is an integral part of the modern technological revolution. Understanding the workings and prospects of these projects will help our esteemed readers stay abreast of current technological trends and opportunities.

Additionally, our team emphasizes the importance of continuous monitoring and analysis of information from various sources. A prime example of fraudulent information, which confused many people worldwide and led to the liquidation of Bitcoin positions worth approximately 90 million, is described in our article "Crypto Chaos: The False Tweet That Shook the SEC and Wiped Out $90 Million."

Moreover, we urge our respected readers to always ensure the protection of their finances in the Web3 industry to prevent possible fraudulent schemes.

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