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The Collapse of a Financial Pyramid: Legal Decision in the OneCoin Case

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In today's news article, the Coinmooner team aims to share important details with readers about a significant legal case related to the activities of the company OneCoin. This company was recognized as a financial pyramid, hiding behind the sale of "educational packages."

On January 25th, Mark Scott, the lawyer representing the interests of the OneCoin crypto pyramid, was sentenced to ten years in prison in the United States on charges of fraud and money laundering. The court made this decision despite the prosecution's request for a minimum sentence of 17 years. Founded in 2014, OneCoin used a multi-level marketing system and by the end of 2016 had attracted over four billion dollars from investors worldwide, without providing any real digital coins.

Earlier, one of the company's co-founders, Konstantin Ignatov, was sentenced to twenty years in prison, and Ruja Ignatova is currently wanted by authorities. Greenwood's case ranked third in the U.S. tax court's list of the most high-profile legal proceedings of the year. Other participants in OneCoin have also faced legal scrutiny.


OneCoin was a company that had its own digital currency. According to their description, the token was supposed to be similar to the world's most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. However, there were significant differences: OneCoin lacked a peer-to-peer network, and the mining process was solely controlled by the company "One Coin Limited," with no details provided about the procedure. Access to operations was only available through their controlled websites. In 2015, several major articles claimed that OneCoin was a financial pyramid.

In 2017, the key figure, Ruja Ignatova, disappeared, and the company abandoned elements typical of cryptocurrencies, including blockchain technology. Despite this, by November 2019, the company continued to attract new clients. OneCoin utilized network marketing to sell educational materials on stock trading, asserting no financial obligations to participants. Operations were conducted using "OneCoins Tokens." The company mainly attracted investors from China, but there were also users from Germany, the UK, the US, and other countries, including African and Asian regions.

The Coinmooner team will take all necessary steps to carefully monitor the current situation regarding OneCoin and promptly inform its audience of any related changes. This publication serves as a key indicator of the importance of thorough data collection on Web3 projects where you intend to invest your financial resources. Additionally, we urge our readers to always conduct personal analysis using multiple independent sources.

Furthermore, we want to remind our readers of the importance of securing their finances. It is crucial to always employ advanced security methods to minimize the risk of fund loss. Remember that caution and prudence play a key role in achieving successful results in the world of cryptocurrencies and financial investments.

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