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Published March 25, 20245 min read

Exploring New Crypto Assets: Analyzing Three Tokens Dominating the Internet

CoinMooner Team

In the world of Web3, every day brings events that can affect prices and public attention towards various assets. As interest in cryptocurrencies grows, so does the number of new projects and tokens for various purposes, from financial investments to decentralized platforms and services.

New cryptocurrencies and tokens emerge daily due to developer activity and diverse ideas. Some are based on blockchain technology or utilize it in their foundation. Some attract more attention than others, sparking discussions in cryptocurrency communities and among investors.

However, as the number of new projects increases, keeping track of all the changes and news becomes harder. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors face the challenge of finding the most reliable and up-to-date information about new projects and tokens that could be successful.

Several sources can help find such information. One of them is cryptocurrency news portals, which regularly publish reviews of new projects, interviews with founders, and analytical articles about current market trends. Portals like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, and CryptoSlate provide a wide range of information about the cryptocurrency world.

Today's news article, prepared by our Coinmooner team, offers an overview of three tokens that have attracted the most organic attention worldwide in the last 24 hours and are not among giants like Bitcoin, ETH, and similar ones. We researched data from the most authoritative global web resources, where you can find all the necessary information in detail. Let's take a look at these three new and most active cryptocurrencies in search engines.



Our team stumbled upon a quirky yet intriguing project called Book Of Meme. It's an experimental venture to reshape Web3 culture by merging memes, decentralized data storage, and trading with gaming. The goal? To immortalize meme culture in a digital compendium, the Book Of Meme, ensuring every piece's eternity on the blockchain. Meme coin $BOME runs on the Solana network, with Arweave and IPFS as primary storages for the Book Of Meme and potential expansion to include Bitcoin storage. This initiative seeks to forge a new dimension of decentralized social media, making memes indisputable.

Meme coin on the "Degen" chain + an e-book linked to token metadata, with even more image references stored on IPFS/ARWEAVE/ONCHAIN + a decentralized social networking app + meme creation tools + a collection of CC0 Meme Clipart – all bundled up in one meme coin!

Any unminted or unpublished memes will find their home in the Book Of Meme.

Expect many handy tools in the Book Of Meme: DF1 Meme Enhancer, CC0 Meme ClipArt Gallery, unminted or unpublished memes, some genart pages, and possibly meme games.

Total emission: 69000000420 $BOME. Community fund (20%) – unlocks in 3 months. Liquidity pools (30%). Presale (50%).

Token metadata will be mutable, allowing developers to update the Book Of Meme with fresh memes and images.

In the last 24 hours, the project's trading volume reached an impressive $614,637,273, underscoring its significance and activity in the Web3 market and signaling substantial interest from ecosystem participants.



The next project and token our team, Coinmooner, has been focusing on is "The Ondo DAO." This project in the Web3 sphere is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where the management and decision-making role belongs to holders of ONDO tokens. Through on-chain governance proposals, they can control various aspects of the protocol, including economic parameters and smart contract updates.

The decision-making process involves a two-stage procedure: discussions on forums and voting on the blockchain. This ensures broad community participation and transparency in decision-making. Token holders also have the option to delegate their voting power to other wallets.

Developers have set management parameters, such as proposal thresholds, voting periods, quorums, and time delays, to ensure the efficiency and security of the governance process.

The ONDO is a governance token that manages the Ondo DAO organization and the Flux Finance protocol.

At a particular stage of the project's development, token transfer restrictions were lifted after DAO decisions were made, enabling free token movement from a specific date. A structured token distribution schedule was also established for ONDO tokens, including distribution among investors considering various conditions and lock-up periods. This ensures stability and fairness in token distribution, according to community consensus.

In the last 24 hours, this project's trading volume has been staggering, reaching an impressive sum of $469,014,448. This impressive figure highlights the project's significance and activity in the Web3 market, indicating substantial interest from ecosystem participants. Furthermore, the project is attracting much attention from crypto enthusiasts on various platforms supporting Web3 projects.



PEPE is the latest project and tokens our team, Coinmooner, wants to tell our readers more about. Project $PEPE is a unique meme coin, claiming itself as the most meme-worthy coin in the 2024 market. Developers claim that in a world dominated by dog memes, $PEPE aims to bring Pepe the Frog back to the throne as the most recognizable meme in the world and surpass all others.

This project was launched stealthily, without prior sale, taxes, liquidity burning, and contract renouncement, making it a coin for the people forever. According to the creators of $PEPE, it is infused with pure meme energy, and its goal is to show you the way to fun and entertainment.

To purchase $PEPE tokens, you must create a wallet and provide it with ETH to exchange for $PEPE. Users need to set up their wallets, connect to Uniswap, and perform the most straightforward exchange actions of ETH for $PEPE. Thanks to the absence of taxes, crypto enthusiasts don't need to worry about buying with a specific slippage value, although it may be necessary during market volatility periods.

The $PEPE tokenomics includes a total supply of 420,690,000,000,000 coins and no taxes, attracting users from all over the globe. Liquidity tokens are burned, and contract ownership is renounced, ensuring additional decentralization.

The project roadmap includes phases: Meme, Vibe, HODL, and Meme Takeover, which are planned to support and strengthen $PEPE's positions in the world of memes.

It's important to note that the $PEPE project has no official team or roadmap and has no expectations regarding financial returns. This token is solely for entertainment purposes and has no intrinsic value.

Interestingly, the simple idea of the project and token has led to a turnover of $703,519,159. Furthermore, many users on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are actively promoting this exciting project and its associated token, with well-known news sources increasingly covering it.


In the world of cryptocurrencies, where everything changes incredibly fast, and the market implies decentralization, our Coinmooner Team will keep a close eye on which projects and tokens are gaining the most popularity and report this to our readers. We also want to remind everyone about the importance of checking information from multiple reliable sources and always retaining the right to make their own decisions. With the upcoming bull run and Bitcoin's halving, we want to emphasize that scammers may become more active in the Web3 industry, so it's crucial to safeguard your finances and use advanced security methods.

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