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Published February 21, 20242 min read

People's Power Party Eyes Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunities

CoinMooner Team

In a recent news article, our team at Coinmooner wants to tell our readers about an important announcement regarding cryptocurrency that was made in South Korea. The political party "People's Power" from South Korea is researching the possibility of lifting the ban on trading funds related to bitcoin, and they have announced this to the world. Their interest extends beyond just bitcoin funds; they are willing to consider legislative measures for other cryptocurrency investment products that have been approved in the USA.

The "People's Power" party is not just expressing interest but is also prepared to take a phased approach to lifting bans on institutional cryptocurrency investments and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Their strategy includes carefully studying all aspects and potential consequences of this move to ensure stability and safety for investors and the market as a whole. However, the country's main financial regulator opposes cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds in the name of market stability and investor protection.

This event is notable because cryptocurrency in South Korea has always been a subject of debate and has sparked lively discussions about its future development. On one hand, it is one of the largest markets for cryptocurrency trading, with many active participants and companies involved in this field. On the other hand, the South Korean government strictly regulates cryptocurrencies to combat money laundering, financial fraud, and market instability. For example, various measures have been introduced, such as identification requirements for exchange users and tax obligations, as well as fairly strict laws. Recently, in July 2024, a new law will come into effect in South Korea threatening life imprisonment for financial crimes related to cryptocurrency.


In simple terms, South Korea's potential actions could bring good outcomes for both itself and the global crypto market by making them more integrated into the world economy. Similar moves might encourage other countries to be more crypto-friendly, like the US recognizing Bitcoin, boosting demand for cryptocurrencies and pushing their prices up. This could speed up their adoption in various aspects of life. For South Korea, it could stimulate economic growth and innovation, particularly in the crypto and blockchain sectors.

Currently, as the crypto market heads towards a bull run and Bitcoin halving, many developed countries and big crypto firms are embracing positive crypto laws. These signs indicate something significant and new approaching in the market. Our Coinmooner team will closely monitor such events, as they directly impact Web3 industry development and advancement.

Moreover, we remind our valued readers about the importance of cross-checking information from multiple sources. This helps in making better decisions regarding investments or asset diversification. Also, remember the significance of secure asset storage in the Web3 industry. Use cutting-edge security methods to minimize financial risks.

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