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Published February 25, 20245 min read

Decoding the Secrets of Success: High-Flying Cryptocurrency Projects on Binance Smart Chain

CoinMooner Team

In today's news article from our Coinmooner team, we've gathered up-to-date analysis on cryptocurrency pairs and projects whose performance over the last week has depended on price, trading volume, and user popularity. In this analytical piece, we've focused on cryptocurrency assets related to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), specifically pairs with WBNB.

This information is super useful for traders in the Web3 industry today. They absolutely need to stay on top of the most important cryptocurrencies for trading. They're constantly analyzing these metrics to use them in their strategies. It's interesting to note that projects introducing their own cryptocurrencies can belong to various sectors in the Web3 space, like Launchpad, DEX, P2E, SocialFi, DeFi, and others. Right now, it's especially important to consider that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and constantly changing their positions in the dynamic and trending world. However, projects occupying a certain niche and having higher trading volumes have a better chance of success in the upcoming bullish market and Bitcoin halving.

Let's now look at a few pairs and the projects associated with them that have shown phenomenal results, attracting a large number of users and creating huge demand and supply for their assets.



Our Coinmooner team keeps a close eye on the latest cryptocurrency trends, and the first pair that caught our attention is FRGX/WBNB. In the past 24 hours, this trading pool has processed transactions totaling almost one million US dollars, specifically $948,498.32. Interestingly, $481.11K of this amount was attributed to purchases, while $467.15K was for sales, which is undoubtedly a high figure even for the cryptocurrency market.

During these 24 hours, an incredible number of transactions were made— a whopping 7,864. Additionally, the number of holders of this crypto asset continues to steadily increase, currently standing at 33,338.

FRGX token is a digital asset representing a free market on the BNB Chain blockchain. Its open-source smart contract with limited issuance is developed by a team with four years of experience in creating leading smart contract platforms for online businesses, GameFi, NFTs, and other tools serving over three million users. This impressive experience ensures the high quality of products created and maintained by the FRGX team.

The token can be purchased on the project's official website, as well as on various decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) exchanges. According to the developers, it will soon be available on even more platforms.



Also, Coinmooner team couldn't ignore the project that burst onto the market with the unusual pair GAMERFI/WBNB. In the past 24 hours, the trading volume of this pair reached an impressive $720,256.39. That's definitely respectable, especially in such a dynamic and competitive environment like the cryptocurrency market.

Despite a significant difference in the number of buy transactions (3002) compared to sell transactions (1793), the volume of token sales in monetary terms exceeded purchases over the last day. Currently, the demand and supply for this trading pair stand at $330.66K and $389.59K respectively. It might seem somewhat unbalanced, but that's the nature of market fluctuations, with trading activities for this pair happening almost continuously.

An interesting feature of this trading pair is the 3% tax rate applied to both buying and selling tokens. It's important to consider this when planning trading strategies.

It's also worth noting that the total number of GAMERFI coins created is 100 million. The project behind the GAMERFI token aims to provide players worldwide with fair and exciting gaming opportunities, offering simple and familiar childhood games with generous payouts.



The next project that caught the attention of Coinmooner team is the WHEN/WBNB pair. Over the past 24 hours, it has gathered significant interest and amassed an impressive sum of $458,345.34. It's worth noting that the token's sales volume amounted to $234.58K, while the buying volume of this trading pair reached $223.77K. While not a record figure in the current market, it's stable and promising, especially considering the current stage of market development. What's particularly impressive is that such trading volume was achieved among just 2,792 coin holders, which is a unique indicator in our industry.

An important aspect is the absence of transaction fees for this token, making it particularly attractive for participation. The tax rate is 0% both on buying and selling the token, making the trading process even more appealing to investors.

The WHEN project is a united community focused on protecting the good, privacy, and freedom of humanity. It calls on each of us to take responsibility for creating a better future world. The project developers aim to create a harmonious and cohesive community capable of helping society return to a decentralized world where freedom, justice, and equal opportunities are valued for everyone, regardless of race, status, or wealth.


Coinmooner strongly urges all cryptocurrency investors to pay attention to analyzing trading data. We believe that these data, as a good example, will not only grab readers' attention but also help you understand the key aspects of superficial analysis necessary for considering cryptocurrencies and projects you plan to invest in.

Particular attention should be paid to studying the fundamental and technical aspects of projects. This includes analyzing the concept, development team, technological features, and partnerships. Technical aspects such as blockchain technology, consensus protocol, and security mechanisms also require attention.

It is essential to continuously monitor news, updates, and events related to cryptocurrency and the market as a whole, as they can significantly influence asset prices and demand. It is also important to assess potential risks and investment opportunities, considering the fundamental and technical characteristics of the cryptocurrency and the current market situation.

Additionally, it is necessary to be attentive to information sources, verifying their credibility. Information should be obtained from multiple sources to ensure a complete picture and avoid mistakes.

It is also important to remember to protect your personal data and finances! In our modern world, where Web3 is becoming increasingly influential, without proper discipline in data analysis and protection, we risk losing our funds and becoming victims of financial schemes. It is essential to be vigilant and take precautions to safeguard yourself and your finances from potential threats.

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