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Coinmooner Team's News Article Dedicated to Artificial Intelligence

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In our modern times, a remarkable shift is underway—a new trend that is revolutionizing our understanding of technology and development. This whirlwind of innovations has already permeated various areas of human activity worldwide. Our editorial team has decided to dedicate a special news article to shed light on a key trend of 2023, which has become a game-changer—artificial intelligence, the influence of which is felt even in the decentralized world.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is an advanced technology focused on creating programs and systems capable of analyzing information, extracting knowledge, making decisions, and even learning on their own. This powerful tool not only enhances automation processes but also transforms everyday life, becoming an indispensable assistant in various fields.

This new trend has become a reliable pillar of innovation, penetrating various aspects of our lives and offering new opportunities for development and improvement of the world around us. With each passing day, its influence strengthens, reminding us of the exciting future dreamed of just a few decades ago.

The Coinmooner team conducted a thorough analysis and gathered comprehensive information about the primary driving force of technological progress this year. Artificial intelligence, taking center stage, exerts its influence on various aspects of human life, permeating many spheres of society.



Artificial intelligence is not just a new form of entertainment and simplification of human life; it is also closely integrated into various fields, saving, easing, and protecting us. This innovation marks a new stage in overcoming numerous challenges that people used to spend much more time addressing than artificial intelligence can. The Coinmooner team has prepared information about several industries where artificial intelligence is already actively used, and now we will take a closer look at them:


Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of modern society, especially in the realms of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology, the foundation of cryptocurrencies, is supported by AI in the creation of smart contracts. These automated agreements, based on AI algorithms, ensure secure and transparent execution of transactions, minimizing risks and preventing fraud. Additionally, AI plays a crucial role in the security of cryptocurrency wallets, using machine learning algorithms to detect potential threats and provide reliable protection against cyberattacks and internal risks.


Today, artificial intelligence proves to be highly effective for healthcare professionals in handling routine tasks. For instance, it can identify the presence of foreign bodies or pathology in X-ray images and detect cancer cells in cytological materials. This leads to improved diagnostics, increased treatment efficiency, and reduced time required for the development of new drugs.


AI in business helps automate routine tasks, process large datasets, forecast decisions, generate reports, and draw conclusions. Automated systems for market analysis, trend forecasting, and portfolio management empower entrepreneurs and investors to make informed decisions, minimizing risks.


Artificial intelligence has the potential to expedite the achievement of global educational goals by reducing barriers to access, automating management processes, and optimizing methods to enhance learning outcomes. AI technologies are also actively used in the development of virtual simulators, providing effective training in realistic conditions.



Web3 projects are part of internet initiatives that embrace the third era of the Internet, marked by decentralized technologies based on blockchain. Here are a few examples of projects from the Web3 industry that leverage artificial intelligence (AI):


Fetch.ai is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, allowing users to create digital services on the Internet. The FET token is used to pay for services within this DAO, such as data storage, access to digital agents, and machine learning applications. These AI agents are essential for autonomously performing tasks and making decisions based on predefined criteria. AI is an integral part of the Fetch.ai network, ensuring the swift and efficient execution of tasks, as well as the secure management of data.


Render Network specializes in animation, motion graphics, and other video effects. It is a decentralized network of computing resources for creating high-quality 3D models, animations, and videos. By leveraging blockchain for GPU rendering, artists and animators gain access to the resources needed to bring their creations to life. The Render Token is essential for paying for services on the network and rewarding those who contribute to it. AI ensures top-notch quality in the work produced and optimizes the rendering process.


The Oasis Network blockchain platform is designed for DeFi, NFTs, and confidential computing, with a strong emphasis on user privacy. Industries such as healthcare and financial services deal with sensitive data, and the Oasis Network can help protect and secure this information. Artificial Intelligence is employed to enhance network security and improve transaction efficiency.


GPT360 is built upon cutting-edge AI technology and offers a suite of features designed to empower marketers, community owners, and individuals seeking to optimize their online activities. By harnessing AI capabilities, GPT360 aims to streamline marketing processes, deliver data-driven insights, and create engaging and thriving communities within popular messaging platforms such as Telegram and Discord.


Artificial Liquid Intelligence specializes in creating "intelligent NFTs" (iNFTs) – AI-based digital avatars for interacting with humans. NFTs have become a way to express personality in the virtual world. However, the static nature of these digital images can be limiting compared to natural communication. Alethea AI is working to make digital avatars smarter and more realistic. These avatars can incorporate animation, voice, and generative AI.

Every new thing in the world usually excites and interests people, but it often faces criticism too because anything new and unknown can be scary for the human mind. Artificial intelligence is no exception; it's under the scrutiny of society's critical views. Some worry that it will take away many jobs, while others see it as potentially dangerous for humanity, thinking it might control or dominate us. Let's explore the perspectives of various individuals on artificial intelligence:




Just yesterday, on December 10th, Arm's CEO, René Haas, expressed concerns about the development of artificial intelligence. He's worried that in the future, people might lose control over this technology. In an interview with Bloomberg, Haas emphasized that based on current events, he fears that at some point, people could lose control over artificial intelligence. According to him, it's crucial to integrate sufficient control mechanisms into this technology so that people can maintain oversight. By this, he means having a backdoor that allows individuals to stop artificial intelligence systems. Despite these concerns, Haas stressed in the Bloomberg interview that over the next fifty years, artificial intelligence will infiltrate all aspects of human activity: work, daily life, and entertainment. Therefore, avoiding the use of this technology will become impossible.


Stephen William Hawking, an outstanding English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, and writer, is considered one of the greatest minds in human history. Even during his lifetime, he often shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence. This brilliant mind, one of the best in the world, foresaw the inevitability of creating artificial intelligence. Hawking argued that the development of more advanced technologies is necessary for the survival of humanity. However, he was deeply concerned about the pursuit of artificial intelligence as well. In his words, there is a poignant idea:

Such intelligence will take the initiative and begin to improve itself at an increasing rate. Human capabilities are limited by the too slow pace of evolution, and we won't be able to compete with machines, ultimately leading to our loss.

Quotation mark


Robert Exner is an American scientist who earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from Columbia University. He believes that artificial intelligence poses a threat to copyright. According to him and the slogan of 15 other organizations in the German creative industry, they have published a letter. The protection of copyright needs to be strengthened. In essence, AI systems, based on specific algorithms, cannot generate texts, music, or photos without material for self-learning.

To provide necessary information to such evolving systems, developers use our works - without our permission, consent, and payment

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explains Exner in an interview with DW.


The information compiled in this news article by the Coinmooner team illustrates how and where artificial intelligence is being utilized. The question of whether it is a force for good or evil remains subjective. However, at present, it undeniably serves as a powerful tool enhancing online security and providing support in healthcare and various industries. Predicting how it will evolve over the next 20-30 years is impossible, but at this current stage of human development, it stands as an innovative technological achievement influencing the entire world! Furthermore, the Coinmooner team urges you to stay vigilant about innovations, projects, and events, gathering information only from reliable sources. Always conduct personal analysis and keep in mind the importance of safety within the Web3 industry and beyond.

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