Published February 5, 20242 min read

In the Shadows of Movie2K: Uncovering 50,000 BTC in Illegal Ventures

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In a recent news article, the Coinmooner team focused on a phenomenon that sparked a lot of interest and emotions in the online community: a large-scale investigation by law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Leipzig Tax Office, regarding the case related to the pirate website Movie2K. This case is valued in the billions of dollars and involves the confiscation of cryptocurrency funds totaling $2.17 billion.

Currently, the FBI and judicial analysts are actively working on the case, in which two individuals from Germany and Poland, aged 40 and 37 respectively, are accused of administering the pirate site Movie2K. They used illegally obtained funds to purchase 50,000 BTC, currently valued at $2.17 billion. One of the suspects voluntarily transferred his cryptocurrency assets to wallets controlled by the German Federal Criminal Police Office.

This investigation gains particular significance in the context of widespread illegal operations and opaque earnings in cryptocurrency. This is due to the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies, which create a conducive environment for various forms of financial manipulation and criminal activities. Given these circumstances, there is a need for a deeper investigation to identify mechanisms and nodes of illegal activities in the cryptocurrency exchange and usage sphere, as well as to develop effective measures to prevent and curb them.

The investigation is ongoing, and a decision regarding the fate of the confiscated bitcoins has not been made yet. Regulators are studying the experiences of the USA and South Korea, where the sale of confiscated cryptocurrency assets has been successful and profitable.


In today's world, using cryptocurrency to launder money is becoming more common. Bitcoin is often chosen for this because it's easy to get, somewhat anonymous, and resistant to censorship. These features make cryptocurrencies very attractive for international financial transactions and secret deals.

The pirate website Movie2K likely made huge profits from illegally sharing content. Converting this money into bitcoins could be a way to hide its origin and avoid law enforcement.

When considering selling seized bitcoins, this could be done to turn them into legal assets or compensate victims of crimes. Additionally, the funds from the sale could be used for public good, like funding social programs or projects. This strategic move is significant for law enforcement as it maximizes the benefit from seized assets for society and crime victims.

Coinmooner will keep a close eye on developments and provide readers with up-to-date news on this exciting topic. We urge our readers to always check sources, analyze multiple outlets, and use advanced security methods in the Web3 industry to avoid financial losses.

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