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Published April 24, 20229 min read

Best Crypto Games 2022

CoinMooner Team

In 2021, the sphere of virtual currencies simply exploded with new projects, which will not lose their popularity in 2022. The best crypto games captivate users with their interactive design, multiple entertainment options, and, most importantly, the possibility of making a profit. Add the security of users’ data (thanks to blockchain technology) and promising potential for further development in this field. You will understand why to start your playing sessions ASAP.

How to Find Best Crypto Games

On the one hand, you can spend much more than one day searching and processing all the information related to the best projects in the world of crypto gaming. But on the other hand, you can just read this page to the end and find answers to your key questions.

However, it is also advisable to read articles by well-known developers and niche influencers, consult with more experienced brethren, and visit review sites and forums focusing on gaming and the crypto world. There are several points you should pay attention to when choosing a game:

  • your preferences regarding the game type
  • the platform’s crypto base and the availability of the necessary currency (respectively, the method of obtaining it)
  • the gaming software type (it can be a website available via a browser, an app for iOS, Android, or both, as well as a downloadable desktop version)
  • technical requirements and compatibility with your device
  • Other users’ interest in the game is also a significant factor because a greater interest creates higher chances for the project to succeed.

    How to Get Started

    In the following paragraphs, you will learn more about types of blockchain-based games and will explore a list of the best crypto games for 2022, but for now, here are the main commonalities that will help you start your journey.

    The first step to starting your acquaintance with crypto games is opening a website or downloading an app. All legal mobile crypto games are officially available in the App Store and Play Market, and you do not need to pay for their download. Links to official websites, in turn, begin with HTTPS and have a padlock icon. As a rule, subsequent instructions and details of the platforms’ operation are provided immediately after launch.

    Secondly, you will most likely need to purchase basic "items" to start a full-fledged gaming activity. Most often, players buy characters, cards, or tokens of other types and items designed to increase performance.

    And thirdly, to afford these purchases, you need to provide yourself with crypto assets and an active online wallet for transactions. A player often needs to make several purchases/exchanges of funds to gain access to the desired in-game currency.

    Types of the Games

    To begin with, let's divide crypto gaming platforms according to the very essence of the game, that is, by genre. Strategies, arcades, and simulations are among the most popular games in the crypto world. A special place in crypto entertainment is occupied by collecting games. What is nice about top crypto games of various genres is that many of them give cash rewards for fairly simple actions like completing quests and gaining experience.

    Secondly, the model of a project should be considered. The most popular option is Play to Earn, or P2E, where gamers can earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs through their gaming activities. In the beginning, the player makes some kind of investment by buying a character and features, thereby improving its performance. Subsequently, these actions should increase the value and profitability of the account as a whole. You can read more about earning strategies below.

    Another popular game option is Free to Play or F2P. The players do not need to make any purchases in this case, but the earning potential is also lost. You can also encounter the PvP abbreviation, meaning Player vs. Player. This kind of gameplay where a real user sitting at the computer plays against another person. PvE, in turn, is when a person plays against an NPC (Non-Player Character).


    Best Crypto Games 2022

    Blockchain technology is becoming more complex and exciting. As a result, blockchain-based games advance and take on new dimensions. Furthermore, the ability of players not only to buy items and spend money inside a game but also to earn profit creates tremendous interest among gamers. Therefore, when choosing a game, it is worth starting from the number of its active players. You can check how many people play a particular game every day using corresponding statistics sites. Below, you can see the most popular and promising crypto projects in this area.

    Axie Infinity

    You will find this title in any list of top crypto games of 2021. It is based on the most famous and proven Ethereum blockchain. The game's concept is to grow, breed, and fight Axie characters. Despite the cute appearance of these creatures, your task is to win on the battlefield in PvP or PvE modes. To start the game, you need to purchase characters on the marketplace. You can also sell your assets/characters there. Axie Infinity comes with the AXS token that can be used to earn passive income.


    CryptoBlades is an online role-playing game launched on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. You do not need to put much effort into the gameplay, as this project is a clicker game. CryptoBlades’ tokenomics is based on the SKILL token. It, in turn, can be earned by defeating enemies and participating in raids. The received assets can be used at your discretion. For instance, you can hire more characters, forge and improve weapons, increase performance, etc. A new token has been introduced into the system, DUST, which lets you level up your current weapons and equipment. The open market allows you to list your NFTs for sale. You can also take part in betting on specific events in the game.


    Mobox is more than just a game — it is an entire entertainment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, which creates its system focused on P2E and F2P. The project combines profitable DeFi farming with gaming NFTs. Experts place it among the top games on blockchain because the developers are actively working on new entertainment options. Additionally to a number of games where you can earn real tokens daily, you can make passive monthly income in MBOX tokens by purchasing game characters.

    Zoo Crypto

    Zoo Crypto World is another brainchild of developing studios specialized in Binance Smart Chain. The project is similar to Mobox, as it consists of a whole list of different games. At the moment, card games are in the most significant demand. But besides this, there are many additional opportunities to make money and have fun, such as farming, fighting in PvE and PvP modes, etc.


    Secretum is an application based on the Solana blockchain. It was created not for gaming activities but mainly for communication with other users. It is fully decentralized and provides privacy (including anonymous registration and no collection of data), end-to-end encryption, and uninterrupted messaging services without censorship or moderation. The platform also offers an over-the-counter trading solution for its ecosystem. This helps users avoid fees, liquidity issues, and congestion on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.


    CryptoBay is a gaming platform powered by Binance Smart Chain. The project features a Play-to-Earn model and allows users to build harbors and develop their ecosystems. Fans of pirates and the marine theme will definitely like one of the best games for earning crypto. Harbors can be created to buy and upgrade ships or to be turned into entire kingdoms over time. Users can then fight pirates in PvE mode or compete with other players in PvP. You also should take a closer look at exciting daily missions and tasks.

    Bomb Crypto

    Bomb Crypto is a game project on BSC and comes with NFT collectibles. The gameplay is to control a group of characters, and players can collect characters and exchange them for real money. The game has several modes, and treasure hunts and battles are popular.


    Binaryx is not a standalone game but a project that serves as a basis for the exciting CyberDragon metaverse. It is a fantasy game with attractive characters and thrilling combats. BNX is a token that players need to earn for creating characters, improving their qualities, buying various items, and much more.

    Galaxy Blocks

    Galaxy Blocks is exactly what you need if you do not want to think over combat strategies and burden yourself with unnecessary actions. The project is part of the ThunderCore ecosystem, and its essence is the same as the old but gold Tetris. Control how blocks are falling so that they fill in the bottom space and get crypto profit for it.

    Can You Really Earn Money?

    After analyzing the experience of many users of top blockchain games, it is safe to say that making money in this way is quite real. You just need to understand that everything needs to be approached responsibly. As a rule, you first need to invest some funds to profit from them in the future. It is also worth placing effort into the game by working on your characters and improving your account.

    Сommon Ways

    There are several options for making a profit from crypto games. The first and the most popular one is to sell valuable assets. Commonly, unique characters and rare items are quite expensive. Besides, the longer a user stays on a platform, the greater the chances of getting a reward; players like to get perks for completing tasks and quests, character development, item upgrades, participating in large-scale platform battles, and much more. The received bonuses can come in tokens and currency that can be exchanged for further withdrawals.

    Why Should You Try At Least One of the Top Blockchain Games?

    Crypto games have a number of advantages. The main of them is the possibility of getting real earnings while just having fun. It is also worth mentioning security, privacy, and data protection, which are clearly at a high level in projects associated with digital assets. If you are not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies, this is exactly what will give you a new experience and open up new possibilities.


    It is always interesting to try something new, and if it comes to the crypto sphere, it is certainly promising. Blockchain games will only improve over time, and digital currencies will become more and more firmly rooted in our lives. Even global companies support these moves, for example, Samsung, which has added a blockchain game to its embedded crypto wallet. If you like to play, the best crypto games are your opportunity to do what brings joy while reaping profits instead of wasting time and money. In addition, it is one of the safest ways to get acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Find the Best Crypto Games?

    This article contains a list of the best blockchain games, but you can also find more information on niche Internet resources (sites with reviews and statistics, forums, etc.).

    What Are the Best Crypto Games In 2022?

    According to forecasts and user activity data, the list of top games in 2022 will include Axie Infinity, Cryptoblades, Mobox, Zoo Crypto, Secretum, Cryptobay, Bomb Crypto, Binaryx, and Galaxy Blocks. But it is possible that new promising projects will emerge.

    Can You Really Earn Money with Top Crypto Games?

    Yes, it is possible to make money with crypto games, but you need to choose a project you like and devote enough time to it.

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