Published April 16, 20242 min read

How Stepn and Adidas are Setting New Standards With NFT Genesis

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In today's business world, companies in Web2 and Web3 are teaming up more often. They join forces to explore cutting-edge technologies, expand their audience, create innovative products, and enhance user experiences. This trend is becoming increasingly noticeable. We've previously mentioned how Web3 companies sponsor sports events and how the real estate industry is adopting blockchain technology for transactions.

Now, Coinmooner wants to share news about another significant event bridging the worlds of Web2 and Web3. Recently, Adidas partnered with the fitness app Stepn, which operates on the Solana blockchain, to launch the NFT Genesis collection. This marks the first collaboration between these companies, presented through the Mooar platform on April 17th.

Adidas, a brand synonymous with innovation, is furthering its foray into the world of cryptocurrencies and Web3. This follows successful partnerships with the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Bugatti. Stepn, a fitness app with a user base of 5 million, is no stranger to collaborations, having previously partnered with Asics in 2022. The CEO of Stepn sees this partnership with Adidas as a significant milestone in the evolution of lifestyle apps, with a substantial increase in user base anticipated as a result.


Let's delve into the details of this exciting collaboration. STEPN, a platform that promotes an active lifestyle, is teaming up with Adidas to launch a unique collection of generative NFT sneakers. These sneakers, STEPN x Adidas Genesis Sneakers, are not just another pair of shoes. They are inspired by iconic Adidas running shoe models, and each pair comes with a unique NFT created on the Solana blockchain. This collaboration aims to unite the communities of both brands in Web3, bridging the gap between physical items and digital products. The collection will be available for 10,000 GMT STEPN tokens, distributed through a two-phase lottery.

This collaboration marks a strategic move at the intersection of lifestyle, gaming, and NFTs, building on STEPN's previous successful partnerships and Adidas's experiments in the digital sphere. The collaboration of these two influential brands showcases their creative approach to innovation. It underscores the significance of the symbiosis between the physical and digital worlds in modern culture and economy.

Such collaborations always initiate an innovative approach to developing new products and ideas, reflecting the dynamics of contemporary culture and fashion trends. These experiments contribute to the industry's emergence of fresh ideas and solutions. Coinmooner team closely monitors these events and wants to let you know about them as soon as possible. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of using advanced security methods in the Web3 industry to ensure the safety of one's finances and reduce the risks of loss.

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