Published April 11, 20242 min read

Cryptocurrency Nightmare: Chinese Entrepreneur Falls Victim to Abduction Plans

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Fraud in the cryptocurrency sphere takes various forms, from phishing to pyramid schemes. However, sometimes criminals cross all boundaries, causing harm not only to financial assets but also to the physical well-being of their victims. Today, Coinmooner wants to share one horrifying story in our news article that went beyond the realms of the internet and affected people's lives in the real world.

Last year, at a prestigious golf course in the UK, a successful Chinese entrepreneur named Dylan Huan was kidnapped. British prosecutors reported that he was seized by a group of five attackers, threatening him with weapons, forcing him into their car, and holding him captive for over 30 hours. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of $15 million in bitcoins. More than a day later, Huan was released near another golf club in Surrey County, after which he immediately reported the incident. One of the suspects, Tianfu Go, was arrested and will face trial on charges of conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to blackmail, and unlawful possession of imitation firearms. At the moment, the detained individual denies involvement in the crime.

According to state prosecutors, the gang tied up the businessman and brought him to a house in Surrey County, where they locked him in a cage, blindfolded him, and taped his mouth shut. Prosecutors also claim that the victim was beaten and suffered physical injuries, including being struck on the legs with an object and being denied access to a toilet.


Coinmooner has decided to gather additional information about the suspect in the attack. According to available data, the detained suspect is around 35 years old and owns an Audi Q7 car, which was spotted in a convoy with the thieves' vehicle. At the time of arrest, £4000 (~$5000) was confiscated from him, along with Chinese passports and identification cards under fake names.

The detained individual denies involvement in the conspiracy. Law enforcement believes that six more suspects are presumably in China. Additionally, it has been revealed that at the time of the assaults on Juan, he attempted to borrow money from friends as he couldn't gather such an amount immediately. However, it remains unclear whether anything was transferred to the kidnappers.

Coinmooner is closely monitoring the situation and commits to promptly informing our readers about any developments. This information will help our readers remain vigilant in all aspects of their lives.

In this case, the criminals resorted to physical threats to achieve their goals. Such incidents underscore the importance of understanding fraud methods and being able to counteract them. This includes awareness of scam schemes, reinforcing physical security, and being prepared to respond to threats, especially if you possess significant financial resources or hold a high status.

We would also like to remind our readers of the importance of using security methods in the Web3 industry to reduce the risk of financial loss.

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