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Binance Smart Chain:

Crypto Moon, the token of the future.

Earn 3 selected reward coins every 24 hours by holding Crypto Moon.

Are you tired of buying reward tokens that don't deliver what they promise? No more, Crypto Moon is the token for your crypto future.

Every 24 hours we distribute 4% of the income to all holders who hold at least 24 hours and have invested more than 0.1 Bnb.

We have already started to program our dashboard so that you always see what you get.

We will switch every 2 weeks and give 3 selected reward tokens. The majority of the community decides which rewards are paid out.

Our marketing strategy is a crucial part of our project in order to grow quickly and steadily.

We're going to pay big marketing twice a week to show the community and owners that it's worth keeping.

We have already contacted 5 crypto exchanges.

Coinmarketcap listing scheduled within 96 hours, Coingecko listing within 72 hours, BTOK within 10 days.

Your future lies in this project.

Showing strength together and showing the crypto world how to generate tlos income, that is the future of Crypto Moon.

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