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Octaplex is short for Octahedral Complex – a four-dimensional geometric shape that consists of 24 octahedral cells. Also known as an Icositetrachoron or Hyper-Diamond, the interconnected complex shape represents exactly the ecosystem we strive to build within the Octaplex Network.

Through continuous expansion in cooperation with our partners and simultaneously rewarding holders with multiple #bsc tokens through novel Tokenomics, the Octaplex Network is backed by the Octaplex token PLX

We bring novel ideas into the popular frictionless yield concept, taking it to the next level. By creating an expandable and customizable reward system, we incentivize the holding of our token. Through our dApp, holders have access to an expanding list of reward options that they can select simultaneously and customize to suit their portfolio. They receive random airdrops, lottery multipliers on purchases and will reap the benefits of our price stabilizing mechanics as the Octaplex Network expands.

Initially, Octaplex will feature 7 different tokens to choose your rewards from: $BNB $BUSD $BTC $ADA $ETH $MATIC & $PLX. Each holder may choose up to 6 different tokens (and the percentages they want of each). You will also receive an additional reward through one of our partners each week.

For example: you could select the following rewards: – 40% $ETH – 20% in $BNB – 20% in $PLX – 15% in $BTC – 5% in $BUSD – or any other combination you prefer.

The default setting will be 75% rewards in $BNB and 25% in $PLX, the Octaplex Network native token, and can be changed at any time through our dapp. Octaplex wishes to involve the community in choosing new reward tokens as EVERY WEEK there will be a new token added to the reward list!!

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