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DRIVE is based on the BNB platform and is a so-called BSC token. The maximum availability is: DRIVE

A new crypto currency based on BNB smart chain. 4% of each transaction is always distributed to all holders as a reward. Thus, the personal wealth increases automatically with every purchase or sale. In addition, 4% is donated to the network. This uses the existing capital to finance advertising measures, network expansions and capital increases for the token. Drive is dedicated to the entire spectrum of topics of individual transport and has set itself the task of maintaining and continuously improving the driving pleasure and mobility of every individual around the world. DRIVE is enthusiastic about all forms of automotive traffic.
The following criteria are important:

Automatic liquidity pool (LP) Automatic LP is DRIVE´s core competence. Here we have a feature that acts as a twofold beneficial implementation for owners.

4% for every transaction for all holders 4% for the liquidity of the DRIVE token

First, the contract soaks up tokens from sellers and buyers alike and adds them to the LP, creating a solid price floor.

The increasing liquidity ultimately serves all holders, network members and the token itself. This process is important to ensure stability in addition to pure speculation on the stock exchanges and to give all users the same opportunities.

All of this is an effort to alleviate some of the troubles we have seen with the current DeFi reflection tokens. We are confident that this model and protocol will prevail over the outdated reflection tokens for these reasons

The long-term commitment of all holders and users is guaranteed by the permanently implemented LP process. A pure “burn” process is not up-to-date and also not transparent. Our process not only creates trust but also a long-term establishment.

We will implement this process of the (LP) accordingly in real time on our homepage and make it accessible to everyone at any time with data.

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