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The Gas Station launched the first token in their ecosystem bscGAS ($bscGAS) [contract address: 0x6fabfe7946b23da23ad51dc45167cc2cfd0ce70e] on 8/06/21. Since launch developers have spent all their time dedicated to constructing ideas to help push the ecosystem to the next level. We are currently underway with the development of our dapp. This will be the first stage of the dapp where it will be the rewards hub per blockchain.

We have several plans in place to help grow our ecosystem to be fully functioning. Here's some of the ideas we are looking at pushing

We are aiming at being the first BNB faucet on mainnet, we realize this is a huge step for the ecosystem and that it hasn't been done due to the ability of exploitation. We are looking to solve this to make it possible for everyone to get enough gas for their next transaction when they fall short. (A seriously huge issue for some traders on the Binance Smart Chain)

NFPs (non fungible patrons): We are building a NFP generator of pixelated patrons as well as a rare collection of hand drawn NFPs. We will then create reward pools to stake NFPs to earn more tokens and gas. There will be a set amount of hand drawn NFPs per blockchain and an unlimited amount of RNG NFPs per blockchain.

Stablecoin bridge: This is a further development to benefit token holders, as there are currently no bridges for stablecoins that have 0 fees. The bridge will be available for all to use, and those who do NOT hold a minimum balance of GAS tokens will pay a sliding scale fee of 0.5% - 0.175%

All of these will be accessible via our dapp over a period of time.

The Token: Each blockchain will have its own specific GAS token, representive of the network. (ex: bscGAS for BNB, polyGAS for MATIC, etc.) These tokens are running the radically popularized "Dividend Paying Contract" (as seen by many projects in recent weeks). This contract allows for reflecting 'Ether' (BNB, MATIC, ETH, etc) to token holders via buy/sell volume.

HODL Program: Currently if you buy and hold more than 20,000,000 bscGAS tokens, and have no outgoing transactions (selling, sending to another wallet) You will be awarded with a 1:1 balance of polyGAS tokens before launch. This is a direct 1:1 balance of tokens.

7% of all transactions reward ether(gas) per blockchain to existing GAS token holders.

5% of all transactions fund directly to the underlying liquidity, set at a burned address.

4% of all transactions fund directly to the developer wallet, where we have assigned 65% of these funds to go directly to the funding of bridge liquidity for development. The remainder of these funds are used to stock the faucets per blockchain and help maintain web/dev costs.

100% of the funds gathered on the bridge via tax from non GAS token holders will be used to buy back GAS tokens on the market per blockchain and sent to a dead wallet. This will radically deflate the token circulating supply + increase reflection of GAS to holders, as dead wallets are exempt from receiving reflections.

Please take a moment to come check us out over at:

We are posting weekly updates to our Medium: https://gasstationcrypto.medium.com/

Questions, comments, concerns? Lets chat on discord : https://discord.gg/vaaZ2mrYaq

bscGAS on Binance Smart Chain: 0x6fabfe7946b23da23ad51dc45167cc2cfd0ce70e

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