Published May 30, 20221 min read

Wyre SmartRamps Connect Fiat Transactions with Smart Contracts

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Recognizing that the majority of Web3 developers lack the resources, experience, and licencing to make these processes simpler for customers, Wyre has introduced SmartRamps to eliminate barriers and enable end-users to use Web3 as effortlessly as they do when shopping online.

SmartRamps enable developers to enrol non-crypto natives to their dapps, create user-friendly purchase processes, and develop novel smart contract use cases. These are the most crucial factors required to accelerate the widespread adoption of blockchain and decentralised applications.

SmartRamps are onramps to smart contracts. Builders may link smart contracts to standard payment mechanisms, enabling end-users to transact with Web3 easily.

Smart contracts are used in DeFi dapps, blockchain games, DAOs, fashion, NFTs, creator economy, and supply chain. SmartRamps allows people to access smart contracts without the required technical expertise. Important for mainstream acceptance.

Smart contracts are a misunderstood part of Web3 and decentralisation. Most individuals don't know what Web3's building blocks are.

They're just digital go-betweens that follow guidelines. Like vending machines. You put money in and press Mars bar. You receive a Mars bar since the machine performed the deal precisely. When anything gets trapped in the circular windy thing, you must beat the glass. The transaction failed.

Onboarding has been beneficial for dapps that enable users use credit or debit cards. The existing arrangement makes it difficult for consumers to use Web3. Onramps, exchanges, numerous wallets, bridges, etc. They must learn to manage money to buy anything. Some accept the challenge, while many avoid Web3 altogether.

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