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Published March 30, 20242 min read

Laughter Against Critique: Cardano Uses Animation to Respond to Accusations

CoinMooner Team

In today's world, criticism can take various forms depending on the situation and context. It can be constructive, harmful, or public, and how we perceive it matters. In a recent news article by Coinmooner, we want to share a funny incident involving one of the most well-known figures in the Web3 industry.

A recent study by Forbes, widely known for its business and financial publications, criticizes several blockchains, including Cardano, Tezos, Litecoin, Algorand, Monero, and Ripple, labeling them as "zombies" with few users. The authors claim these blockchains are useless and only serve developers aiming to profit. They singled out Cardano, pointing to its $3 million fees and criticizing Charles Hoskinson for his activities outside the project.

Furthermore, the Forbes study published on March 27th stated that around 50 cryptocurrency platforms "show volumes of over $1 billion, and at least 20 are functional zombies." The article's authors deem the mentioned blockchains and their crypto assets "useless," "worthless," and " have no functionality other than speculative cryptocurrency trading," despite boasting "treasuries full of millions" and not being accountable to anyone.


This news caught attention for its sharpness: Hoskinson posted an animation with "South Park" zombies in response to Forbes's mentions, joking that the magazine took all the brains from projects. The media has criticized Cardano blockchain before, but the project's founder, as always, emphasized its long-term prospects.

Cardano is a blockchain platform developed in 2017 using scientific and academic methods. Its main goal is to ensure security, scalability, and sustainability. It's famous for its ADA token and innovative protocols like Ouroboros. It competes with Ethereum and other popular blockchain platforms.

Using humor helps soften criticism and maintain an optimistic mood. It helps not to take criticism too seriously and keep a positive attitude and resilience. This case shows that even serious news can be responded to with a smile, demonstrating resilience to criticism.

Coinmooner team will monitor developments and their consequences, as news, like a snowball, can evoke positive and negative reactions. We also remind our readers of the importance of fact-checking information in the Web3 sphere to minimize investment risks. Using cutting-edge security methods in the crypto world is crucial to minimize potential financial losses.

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