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Unveiling the Details of the Strategic Partnership Between MEXC and LineaBuild

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In a recent news article, the Coinmooner team presents up-to-date information about a significant event related to the merger of MEXC and LineaBuild ecosystems in a new strategic alliance. This collaboration brings about noteworthy changes, offering MEXC users convenient access to deposit and withdraw funds in LINEA-ETH, expanding their investment opportunities.

MEXC is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018, providing access to spot, margin, and futures trading. The exchange also offers quantitative trading, leverage ETFs, and index ETFs. MEXC's product range includes MEXC Earn features like launchpad, M-day giveaways, MX-DeFi, staking, ETH 2.0 staking, and more. According to CoinMarketCap, MEXC ranks 17th globally with a user rating of 6.3, marking a notable position in the global industry.

The exchange serves over 200 countries and more than 6 million users, holding key licenses in countries such as Australia, Estonia, and the United States.

LineaBuild represents a new generation of ConsenSys zkEVM, serving as an innovative Layer 2 for Ethereum. Recently, it opened test access for developers, users, and protocols, inviting the web3 community to join. Renamed as Linea, ConsenSys zkEVM allows builders of decentralized applications to innovate without cost and scalability constraints. Linea acts as a bridge between the past and future of Ethereum, providing web3 opportunities while retaining access to ConsenSys infrastructure and tools.


MEXC expresses confidence in LINEA's potential, inviting other projects to mutually beneficial collaborations and open discussions. This strategic alliance not only broadens the horizons of investment opportunities but also unveils new possibilities for innovation, strengthening MEXC's position in the world of blockchain technologies. This new phase in the partnership creates a favorable environment for interaction and collaboration in the financial technology sector.

LineaBuild, powered by ConsenSys zkEVM, enhances decentralized applications, attracting users and strengthening MEXC in the blockchain world. Linea, built on zkEVM, offers efficient decentralized apps on Ethereum, user-friendly and easy to develop with MetaMask. This advancement propels blockchain technology to a new level, benefiting both users and many crypto companies.

Recently, Linea has been actively expanding not only technically but also socially and in terms of marketing. They organize numerous Twitter Spaces for their users in this social network, and the number of participants is steadily growing, currently reaching 800,000 people. Additionally, the company has established significant partnerships with firms such as Sonorus, OKLink, HEX Trust, and other Web3 projects, aiming to solidify its market position.

From our side, the Coinmooner team will be closely keeping tabs on all events related to innovative developments and implementations in the Web3 market, as well as any new features, as highlighted in our recent article on artificial intelligence. We also encourage our users to always conduct their own analysis and trust only verified sources. It's crucial to pay attention to the security of your assets, ensuring their maximum protection, especially in light of the upcoming halving and the bull run in 2024. These events will likely lead to a surge in reputable projects and also attract those attempting to deceitfully gain access to others' capital.

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