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Published March 16, 20242 min read

Binance's Pixel Listing Ignites Massive Demand: What You Need to Know

CoinMooner Team

Coinmooner is again drawing attention to a project we've covered in an article titled "Pixels: Bridging Gaming and DeFi on the Ronin Network." The Pixels project is gaining more traction in the Web3 space, attracting attention from crypto enthusiasts worldwide. This surge is attributed to Binance listing Pixels tokens on the Ronin blockchain on February 19th. These coins immediately garnered significant demand, outpacing competitors in trading volume, reaching an impressive $1.4 billion in daily volume. For context, the closest competitor, Sei (SEI), lagged behind PIXEL by more than three times in trading volume, reaching $411.2 million.

We want to remind our readers that the Pixels (PIXEL) project is a social web-based play-to-earn game operating on the innovative Ronin network. The game allows users to earn PIXEL tokens through various in-game and non-gaming methods. Pixels also provides a unique gaming experience in decentralized games, allowing players to immerse themselves in an exciting world, develop skills, and interact with other participants. Players can join guilds, buy in-game currency, and mint NFTs.

Furthermore, the gaming community's interest in Pixels is due to the game's ability to generate decent earnings through the sale of farms in the form of NFT Farm Land. The minimum value of tokens from this collection is $5,351, and the trading volume of assets over the past week is estimated at $2.8 million.


As of February 21, 2024, the PIXELS token holds the 151st position in the global cryptocurrency ranking on CoinMarketCap, marking its significance in the market. It's worth noting that PIXELS is traded on well-known centralized exchanges like Binance, OKX,, Bitget, Tokocrypto, HTX, BingX, MEXC, and others. The project's developers have garnered undeniable interest by emphasizing creating thriving and passionate communities around successful web games. Their commitment to fostering a dedicated and ever-growing community has been critical to the project's appeal.

The concept of "Play-to-Earn" (P2E), where users can earn real money or digital assets by playing video games or immersing themselves in virtual worlds, has recently gained momentum. This trend is exemplified by the PIXELS token and the interest shown by platforms like Kucoin in this sector. This phenomenon becomes especially noticeable against Bitcoin's stagnation over the past couple of years and its recent surge to $53,000, which undoubtedly influenced demand and supply across the entire Web3 industry, attracting a new wave of users. Additionally, new technological possibilities related to blockchain and digital assets are capturing the attention of millions of users, making the P2E approach increasingly popular.

The Coinmooner team will closely monitor all aspects of the Web3 industry, not just P2E, to provide their readers with comprehensive and valuable information to expand their knowledge and investment portfolios. However, they also remind readers of the importance of analyzing any event, project, or statement. Always verify information from multiple reliable sources and rely on your judgment in the Web3 industry. Additionally, it's crucial to safeguard your finances in the crypto industry using advanced security methods to minimize the risk of fund loss.

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