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Published February 28, 20245 min read

Navigating Web3 Marketing: Most Effective Practices and Tools

CoinMooner Team

The Web3 universe is booming, offering endless opportunities for exploration and gathering valuable information. This ongoing process allows us to assess new perspectives, earning opportunities, projects, and technological advancements. In the era of Bullrun, the marketing world in the Web3 industry is rapidly evolving, supporting projects from various spheres such as P2E, SoclialFi, DeFi, DEX, CEX, and Launchpads, and contributing to their growth and prosperity. Moreover, these tools are becoming a valuable asset for the Web2 industry, which has already begun to adopt the best technical and social innovations.

In today's news article, the Coinmooner team presents a selection of the most popular and effective marketing tools in the crypto industry at the moment. These tools contribute to the development of Web3 projects, attracting new users, and generating interest around the projects.

This is extremely important for both users and project owners. Users can always find ways to earn offered by projects through marketing means, and project owners, in turn, can propose tasks that will be beneficial for users and rewarded. Let's dive into the world of these projects and learn more about them.



First off, our team at Coinmooner wants to highlight one of the key leaders in the Web3 marketing industry – Galxe. Galxe is focused on building an open and collaborative network of user data accounts for all Web3 developers, and they're showing impressive results.

With over 11 million unique users to date, Galxe is boosting platforms like Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and over 2700 partners. They do this through reward-based loyalty programs.

Galxeprovides community members with the infrastructure to curate and contribute digital account data to their data transmission network. This infrastructure supports managing account data through various sources, including subgraph queries and integration with external sources like, Twitter, and Github.

Curators contributing to Galxe's account data network earn rewards for using the data in Galxe apps, Credential Oracle Engine, and Credential API. This encourages more users to join the network as curators.

Over 2100 partners have already launched over 10,000 campaigns on Galxe. The project's development promises to be exciting, offering unique opportunities to attract users. Users can discover numerous unique and trustworthy Web3 projects and complete various tasks to earn rewards.



Coinmooner can't overlook such an important tool in the Web3 world like QuestN. This service, tried and tested over time, and widely used across various Web3 projects, is an integral part of the industry. QuestN isn't just a platform; it's an innovative oasis in the Web3realm, offering users a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by completing quests and viewing ads.

For businesses and the QuestN community, it becomes a beacon of prosperity. Serving both project advertisers and individual quest participants, this platform creates an unparalleled ecosystem where advertising merges with incentives. Web2 and Web3 business owners discover numerous advertising opportunities, both within and beyond the blockchain, carefully tailored to attract their target audience. Meanwhile, quest participants embark on an exciting journey of discoveries, where each completed quest reveals treasure troves of rewards – from tokens to NFTs, enriching both their digital wallets and social recognition.

It's a world where participation brings rewards, where community involvement becomes the currency of success, and where every user is recognized for their contribution to the fabric of Web3, uncovering many new horizons in the world of decentralization. An incredibly useful service for thousands of projects and over a million users from all around the globe.



The next marketing tool that our Coinmooner team thinks could be useful for both users and project owners in Web3 is GPT360. Essentially, GPT360 is designed as an all-in-one application offering a wide range of tools and features to meet the diverse needs of both Web3 project owners and enthusiasts. Their goal is to encourage the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency technologies and blockchain by providing innovative marketing solutions, community interaction tools, and networking opportunities.

This marketing service allows integration of the Chaterium Protocol from GPT360 into Telegram or Discord communities. It enables group owners in these messaging platforms to create "Events" and set a prize pool starting from $50. Users engaging in the chat can earn money from this pool. What's especially valuable here is that the protocol includes artificial intelligence, which tracks the chat context and rewards only those users who contribute to friendly and natural conversation. For project owners, this means between 600 to 3000 messages per day, and for users, it's an opportunity to explore new Web3 projects and earn cryptocurrency by simply chatting! Additionally, the service provides another unique feature: a Web3 project Leaderboard on the website, where users can search for projects and owners can list them.



The latest marketing tool that brings significant benefits to the Web3 world, and that our Coinmooner team wants to talk about, is Zealy!

Zealy's core experience revolves around quests. It's a chance to learn, earn experience points (XP), and grow. Quests come in various forms: some are automated, while others require community admins' approval to earn XP. This allows Web3 project owners to create contests with rewards, where users, by completing tasks and getting approval from owners, can win prizes. They compete on leaderboards, earning XP.

Owners can also set the frequency of quest repetition—daily, weekly, or monthly. Failed attempts may trigger a cooldown, preventing instant retries. It's worth noting that some quests don't allow retries at all.

Upon gaining XP, users enter the leaderboard, showing their position in the community. The goal is to reach the top to win prizes in sprints—short competitions with specific start and end dates, where only certain quests count. During these events, users can access a special "Sprint" tab. This service is incredibly useful for projects in the early stages of their journey into the Web3 world.


Marketing in the world of Web3 is like a new frontier, always proving its importance and impact, expanding its capabilities even into the Web2 space. Our team, Coinmooner, believes this article will not only help our readers find reliable projects but also provide project owners with unique opportunities to develop their products and communities. The advantage of all these services is that they can work together symbiotically, reaching a huge audience across different countries without interfering with each other. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of consistently verifying information from reliable sources, preferably multiple ones. A personal analysis of any project or event should rely on confirmed facts gathered and analyzed meticulously to make the right decisions. Also, remember in the world of Web3, it's crucial to handle your finances carefully and constantly use advanced security methods to minimize the risks of losses from malicious actors.

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