Published December 20, 20232 min read

The Coinmooner Team has Gathered Information About SpaceCatch's Phenomenal Success, Raising $1.6 Million in Funding

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In a new article, the Coinmooner team has prepared updated information for you about SpaceCatch, a project rapidly gaining popularity in the world of Web3. Just a few days ago, SpaceCatch announced the completion of the first phase of its token $CATCH's presale, and now we're excited to share the details of this event with you.

According to the latest data, SpaceCatch successfully raised over $1.6 million during the presale phase, making a significant stride towards its overall goal of $2,200,000. This project represents a new generation of AR games using artificial intelligence. Users can create unique characters, defend the Metaverse, train avatars, battle aliens, and more. Pixelfield, a professional studio, has combined the best features of augmented reality and Web3 on mobile devices, using blockchain technology to create a revolutionary and sustainable gaming experience.

As events like Bull Run and Halving approach, many investors are showing interest not only in Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, but also in unique projects in the crypto sphere with interesting concepts. Based on this, users are seeking opportunities for significant future investment growth. The Coinmooner team has delved into the essence of the SpaceCatch project and is pleased to share more detailed information with its readers about this exciting and promising development in the world of investments.


In the recent update from SpaceCatch, exciting news has emerged regarding impressive results during the token presale phase. The project, blending blockchain gaming with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), has announced a fundraising success of over $1.5 million in the current sales stage. Including an additional $400,000, this brings the total funding to an impressive $1.6 million.

This significant announcement was posted on SpaceCatch's Twitter account on December 14, 2023. Over the following 72 hours, investors actively contributed an additional $400,000, providing clear evidence of not only growing interest but also active engagement with the project.

Particularly noteworthy is that the latest $400,000 was attracted in the past 72 hours. It is important to emphasize that this phenomenon not only reflects the material support for the project but also underscores the strength of the community. Members genuinely believe in the prospects of SpaceCatch and are willing to participate in its development, overcoming any challenges.

These exciting developments could undoubtedly serve as an additional catalyst for the Play-to-Earn (P2E) industry boom, attracting new users and highlighting SpaceCatch's influence and appeal in the crypto sphere.

The Coinmooner team believes that this news article could be extremely useful for investors seeking promising and robust projects in the Web3 industry, especially in the P2E sector. In light of this, we urge our readers to carefully verify their information sources and conduct personal data analysis. Additionally, we strongly recommend everyone adhere to safety rules in the Web3 industry and consistently ensure the protection of their investments. Ultimately, caring for one's own portfolio and exercising caution in project selection are key aspects of successful investment in this field.

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