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Best Cryptocurrency Games for iOS Users In 2022

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The most forward-minded owners of digital funds spotted the active development of a new direction in the crypto world in 2021. As a result, requests for crypto games on iOS are gaining momentum. This article will discover more about the latest trends in this compelling area in 2022.

What Is Crypto Game for iOS?

Crypto games for mobile devices running on both Apple and Android software are any popular type of game based on a blockchain. However, they come with an additional benefit in the form of possible earnings. For example, say you love entertainment applications like arcades, strategies, or simulators. Still, your busyness and strong desire to avoid wasting time keep you from spending the evening on such an alluring activity. And here is the solution: get some crypto assets, download the option you like from the App Store and start an exciting journey into a world where games allow you to monetize the time you spend on them.

How Do They Work?

The development and improvement of crypto games for iOS are propelled by the actions of players themselves. Their activities are based on certain funds (tokens/coins) empowering the users to level up their characters and gain other in-game resources. Also, these tokens can be seen as a potentially popular cryptocurrency.

Therefore, when making purchases in a blockchain game, you do not give away your money as in regular games but buy a virtual asset. In this way, characters, skins, and various items become a "currency" that can be exchanged for other assets, sold to other players, or moved to other projects and simply turned into an established cryptocurrency and then withdrawn. It is also worth considering that users can buy digital property and receive it as rewards for various activities, for example, participating in tournaments.

Why Crypto Games Are Popular

Such projects push the limits of mobile games in general. This is an entirely new application model that is genuinely aimed at the mutual benefit of players and developers. After all, the greater the demand, the greater the value of assets, which is a big plus for game publishers.

The player also gains more benefits from gaming due to the fact that:

  • At any time, they can sell valuables to another player, returning part of the costs, or vice versa, earn on their skills and time spent in games.
  • Thanks to the blockchain, as the project will continue running, the digital assets ​​earned will remain with the players even if the developer fails or leaves the crypto world.
  • Crypto owners study and analyze a lot of information to join promising projects as early as possible since the probability increases in this case.

    Best Crypto Games for iOS

    The list of crypto games for iOS has dozens or even hundreds of titles already. To avoid wasting time on market research, you can find the most exciting projects below.

    War of Crypta

    This is a project in the genre of action and strategy. The whole game takes place in an epic fantasy world. Players strategize, choose characters, create teams, and fight other players.


    Axie Infinity

    It is a blockchain game based on Ethereum with fantastic characters, each of which is a non-fungible token. The game has much in common with famous CryptoKitties. The essence of the project lies in collecting (purchasing, breeding) animals.



    Skyweaver is an exciting and original fantasy project that combines the best aspects of online and physical card games. All the cards (characters) are NFT assets, so they can be sold, traded, or bought on the marketplace.


    Battle Racing Stars

    If you are familiar with such legends as Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja, then you will love this game. Choose your favorite character and compete in running with other users. Select different game modes, upgrade your character, and invite your friends to have a profitable and fun time.


    What You Need to Start Playing

    It does not take much to start an exciting journey into the world of cryptocurrency games for iOS. In short, you need to own some digital funds that you will use in the gameplay, have an active web wallet, and, of course, a device with a downloaded application.

    Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet

    To create a crypto wallet, you need to choose a platform that supports the coin you need. Then, go to the service's official website, but first, make sure that there is a small padlock symbol next to the URL, indicating that the link is secure and starts with HTTPS. Then, you should read the instructions for the site or application and go through all the registration stages. As a rule, it takes no more than 15 minutes. Most often, the main thing is to enter your email and password, following which you can upload a file with private keys (if they are provided) or specify bank details. Be sure to save all the data at the end and put it in a safe place.

    Purchase Starter Items

    Downloading play-to-earn crypto games for iOS is free, but you will most likely need to buy a character, card, or some other type of token to start playing the game. Upon purchasing the necessary item, you can start the game.

    Pre-funded Crypto Wallet

    This is where the above two points come together. To successfully purchase the necessary goods, you must first replenish your crypto-wallet with a certain amount of cryptocurrency appropriate for the game. As a result, users often buy well-known coins, subsequently exchanged for the game's native cryptocurrency.

    How to Play Games to Earn Crypto on iOS?

    In essence, gamers can earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs by running play-to-earn games and putting a little time and effort into them. It all depends on your preferences and the game you have chosen. Sometimes, it is enough to complete easy daily tasks to receive funds. In other cases, it is worth putting a bit more effort into your gaming activities, for instance, to build an entire farm and develop it. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions and recommendations provided for the game. Also, if you want to earn crypto through games, you should study available options in detail: browsing forums, asking more experienced players, and so on.

    Are Mobile Crypto Games Safe to Play?

    In general, yes. You should consider the safety of cryptocurrency games for iOS from two sides. On the one hand, the blockchain technology underlying such applications is responsible for storing players’ data, information regarding characters’ actions, transactions, and more. Therefore, the reliability of this technology counts toward security. But on the other hand, no one and nothing can guarantee the success of the project you want to join. Therefore, it is always up to you what to choose.

    Benefits of Cryptocurrency in Online Gaming

    Firstly, you should understand that crypto games do not have one server fully controlled by their developers due to their blockchain nature. Instead, all information about players' accounts, actions, and funds is transmitted and stored using a decentralized database, simultaneously stored on multiple miners’ computers connected. Thus, the player can be sure of the safety of their data and assets.

    Secondly, this is a real earning opportunity, which encourages many people to take their first steps in cryptocurrencies. However, as practice shows, minimal investment can reap significant benefits, provided you choose a project and strategy wisely.

    Thirdly, this model does not limit your actions and allows convenient working with funds. For example, a player can withdraw them or share them with other players and use them for other projects.

    And the last thing – understanding that you are not just spending time on children's games but are trying to earn money allows you to have fun with a clear conscience.


    Finally, it is worth mentioning that the number of people wishing to join play-to-earn crypto games for iOS is growing and is predicted to only increase. Rapid technological advances are opening up new strategies and earning opportunities, allowing crypto influencers to create and gain digital assets through the gaming infrastructure. Based on this, well-known game developers are unlikely to miss the opportunity of creating new promising projects, which will further increase interest in this area.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Win Money in Crypto Games on iOS?

    Yes, you can definitely make money by playing crypto games on iOS.

    What Is Crypto Game for iOS?

    Cryptocurrency games are projects with in-game activities based on tokens/coins. They differ from regular mobile games in that they run on blockchain technology.

    What Do I Need to Start Playing in iOS Crypto Games?

    To start iOS crypto gaming sessions, you need to have some digital assets and a web wallet, download an app, register, and follow instructions.

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