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Published July 22, 20236 min read

An In-depth Guide to What You Need to Know Before You Play

CoinMooner Team

The online gambling craze has encouraged major companies to launch thousands of casinos. This has since revolutionized the casino world, allowing people to play their favorite games without the hassle of visiting brick-and-mortar establishments.

Yet, only a handful of the available online casinos are exceptional. Others are sub-par or unregulated sites that expose players to unfair gaming terms and lack transparency.

One of the most popular and reliable platforms today is the Stake Casino. Read on to discover more about this gambling platform, including its pros and cons.

An Overview of the Stake Casino

Australia’s youngest billionaire, Ed Craven, and his partner, Bijan Tehrani, founded in 2017. Before launching this gambling platform, the two founders were developing different games for online casinos through a company known as Easygo.

Today, is one of the most-visited casinos worldwide. In May of 2023 alone, this platform registered around 28.5 million visitors. is available in most regions of the world.

Pros of the Stake Casino has the following perks:

· Wide game variety

Many gaming options are available on These include 16 original games like Limbo, Dice, Blue Samurai, Plinko, and Scarab Spin. Typical gaming options like blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and roulette are available on the platform.

And if you love slot games, has some options you should check out. You can start with popular slots like Cursed Seas, Gates of Heaven, and Zeus vs Hades- Gods of War. Additionally, interactive game shows like Funky Time and Lightning Roulette are also available in this casino.

· Multiple payment options

The Stake casino allows people to use Bitcoin and other altcoins, including Dogecoin, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. You can use any digital currency to play your favorite casino games. And don’t worry about deposit or withdrawal limits because this platform has none.

Besides cryptocurrencies, you can use traditional payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, Visa, and Mastercard. But using digital coins is highly advisable because they facilitate faster, more secure transactions.

· Fair Gaming

The games available on the Stake casino are all provably fair. That means you can verify every game’s fairness before spending money on it. generates random outcomes using a cryptographic algorithm, and you can use blockchain technology to vet the algorithm whenever necessary.

· User-friendly interface

Stake Casino's interface is intuitive and very easy to navigate. The entire UI is designed to enhance user experience and optimize responsiveness. This quality ensures users enjoy smooth gameplay on PCs and mobile phones.

If you don’t want to waste time fumbling with a cluttered website and getting confused or frustrated, play casino games on

· Bonuses and promotions

As a gambler, picking a casino with bonuses and promotions can be beneficial. For instance, a platform with a sign-in bonus offers you extra digital coins to use on your favorite games. Moreover, you may find a casino that allows you to play your first game for free.

Depending on when you join, you may find different types of offers. Presently, the casino gives 100% deposit bonuses through its referral program.

· Mobile compatibility

The Stake Casino has a dedicated mobile version that runs seamlessly on any handheld device. But this casino has no app on Google Play Store or Apple Store. So, you can't download it to your Android or IOS mobile device. To enjoy casino gaming on a mobile gadget, visit's web-based mobile site.

· 24/7 customer support

As an online casino gamer, several scenarios may require you to seek expert help from customer support. For instance, you may encounter technical issues like difficulties accessing your account or transaction issues, which may demand expert intervention. You may also contact the customer support team with inquiries related to promotions, password resets, dispute resolution, etc. has a dedicated customer support team that players can contact whenever necessary. The best part is this service is available 24/7 and in different contact methods like live chat, phone, and email.

· Fast transactions

Fast transactions allow you to deposit coins and play casino gaming without delays. They are also the key to making quick withdrawals and enjoying your winnings. Since allows crypto betting, it facilitates relatively fast transactions. While using this online gambling platform, you can expect to make instant deposits and withdrawals.

· VPN-friendliness

Although is available in many nations, some regions don’t allow it. For instance, it’s illegal in the United States because it’s not regulated or licensed by a US gambling authority. It’s also unavailable in France, Netherlands, and many other countries.

But don’t worry. You can still play on the Stake casino using a good VPN to encrypt and change your IP address. As a VPN-friendly site, using a virtual private network to bypass geographical restrictions is relatively easy.

Cons of the Stake Casino

Some of the downsides of using include the following:

· Restricted availability

As mentioned, is unavailable in some countries. That is incredibly inconvenient because, if you come from a blocked region, you must apply solutions like VPN to play your favorite casino games, which comes with some risks. For example, using a VPN to access may attract legal implications in some regions. Additionally, it exposes your activities to security risks like man-in-the-middle attacks and data breaches.

· Not the best customer support

Although the Stake Casino has many excellent online reviews, some are not so pretty. Surprisingly, the most scathing reviews have one common denominator: poor customer support services. Several players have complained about the platform’s inadequately trained staff and lack of representatives fluent in some languages.

How to Play on the Stake Casino

Would you like to join and play your favorite casino game? Follow these steps:

· Step #1: Sign Up

Before you can enjoy the perks of gaming on, you must create an account. But don’t go to the official site directly. Sign up through a site like dappGambl and enjoy a 200% bonus offer for deposits of up to $1000.

· Step #2: Deposit funds

Suppose your favorite payment method is crypto. In that case, buy a few coins and store them in a secure wallet. Then go to, select deposit, and use the generated address to send the required amount to your betting account.

· Step #3: Pick a Game

The Stake Casino has many games you can wager on. But that doesn't mean you should try just anything you come across. If you want to profit from online gambling, pick a game with rules and mechanics you understand. Moreover, consider the house edge, betting limits, and odds. Most importantly, choose something highly entertaining because online gaming should be fun.

· Step #4: Enjoy

Casino games are designed to be entertaining, so try to enjoy the gaming experience as much as possible. Celebrate every win and have a good time. And if you lose, which you will at some point, accept the loss and use it to improve your skills. Don’t let losses dampen your mood or encourage reckless behavior.

To Summarize is a splendid gambling site that offers various gaming options, user-friendly UI, promotions, and fast transactions. This platform is also VPN-friendly, it supports mobile use, and its support team is available 24/7/. But Stake has a few cons. For instance, its customer support could be better, plus the site is unavailable in some regions.

Review the casino's pros and cons before signing up for an account on And after joining the platform, remember to gamble responsibly and only risk what you can afford to lose.

Have fun.

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