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TrustSwap Project Review: What Is It, and How Does It Work?

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New DeFi solutions change the blockchain game every day, and TrustSwap is one of them. This fresh project promises to evolve decentralized finance. TrustSwap works on making customizable crypto transactions widely available not only in DeFi but in the blockchain sphere as a whole.

What Is TrustSwap?


This is a relatively new project, which is why many crypto users keep wondering, what is TrustSwap? This is essentially a decentralized platform that facilitates a variety of cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain. Apart from offering customizable transaction solutions, TrustSwap also has its own token and a launch platform for displaying new crypto projects and investing in them.


TrustSwap features a dedicated launching platform for various new tokens. Users can list their crypto projects and customize them with the help of a convenient set of tools. Users that stake SWAP coins, which are the native tokens of TrustSwap, can gain early access to the project and its whitepaper.

Another unique service offered on this platform allows parents to make automatic cryptocurrency transactions on their children’s accounts. SmartLock solution allows making these transactions securely and regularly on the set interval.

Founders & Advisors

This project was founded by Jeff Kirdeikis and Adam Barlam. They are the CEO and CTO of TrustSwap, respectively. Adam Barlam is very experienced in blockchain technology and has worked on a variety of crypto projects. Some of the advisors for this platform are renowned cryptocurrency YouTubers, such as Michael GU.

The Main Services of the Project

TrustSwap delivers a variety of convenient blockchain and DeFi services for both companies and individual consumers. This platform is suitable for regular crypto users and digital currency developers alike.

For Business

Businesses can benefit from a selection of services provided by TrustSwap:

·        Mint – it is usually quite problematic to launch a new token on the blockchain. It requires a lot of experience and technical knowledge to go through the entire process of developing a new coin. This is why TrustSwap has created Mint, a token-generating solution that can be used by anyone regardless of their experience. Thanks to Mint, users can create new crypto tokens in just four simple steps. They can be Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance chain-based.

·        Token locks – launching new crypto on a decentralized exchange is usually quite risky because of liquidity fluctuations, scammers, etc. Now, crypto developers can lock a required amount of tokens in the project until a certain time. This way, all stakers can be sure that creators will not sell all their assets to gain profits and get away with the money while all investors are left with depreciated coins.

·        Liquidity locks – liquidity pools are an essential part of every decentralized exchange as they provide the necessary liquidity. When people stake their tokens to enhance liquidity, they are presented with special liquidity tokens. It is possible to lock such tokens as well to prevent various scam schemes.

By incorporating any product in your cryptocurrency project, you can guarantee maximum safety for potential investors.

For Consumers

Cryptocurrency users can benefit from an array of crypto services provided by TrustSwap:

·        TheCryptoApp – this is a convenient application for both beginners and advanced users on the blockchain. Users can track more than 3,000 cryptos from over 100 exchange platforms. A convenient alert system allows setting up notifications to stay informed all the time.

·        Swappable – an NFT trading platform is available for the users of TrustSwap. Some of the finest artists on the NFT market offer their non-fungible tokens for sale. Users can also find incredible niche tokens and invest in great digital art.

·        Staking – it is possible to stake your crypto tokens to earn various benefits on TrustSwap. This project has its own token called SWAP, and its stakers can receive unique rewards and allocations on the native launchpad.

·        Escrow swaps – trade all possible ERC-20 tokens with cryptocurrency users from all over the globe. Insanely high trading fees are not a problem anymore.

All the features listed above are user-friendly and can be utilized by beginners in the crypto world.

TrustSwap Token

TrustSwap has its own token in circulation. SWAP is a native coin to this ecosystem with a limited 100-million supply. SWAP users can enjoy a variety of benefits when using this token on the website: from transaction discounts to staking rewards.


TrustSwap provides all its users and investors with information by offering a thorough roadmap of the project. Trust Stake was launched in 2020, followed by Smart Lock and Smart Swap. A Launchpad Lottery with NFTs was also introduced back in 2020. In 2021, TrustSwap provided full support for non-fungible tokens and other tokenized assets. The Smart Wrap solution was delivered later in 2021. All these features are backed with the native SWAP coin.

Best Wallets

To store SWAP tokens securely, it is advised to create a reliable crypto wallet. Now, all wallets might support this token, which is why it is crucial to find a suitable option. Here are some of the most convenient and safe wallets for storing TrustSwap tokens:

·        MetaMask – this cryptocurrency wallet is a convenient browser extension that allows managing your tokens quickly and efficiently. This is a non-custodial wallet that supports all coins on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is a hot wallet, which means it is better used for temporary storage as hot wallets are less secure than cold storage.

·        Coinbase – another hot wallet, which is popular and secure nonetheless. This option allows users to not only store tokens but also swap them efficiently via Coinbase Exchange. This digital wallet is available as an app for iOS and Android.

·        Ledger – this is a cold cryptocurrency wallet, which makes it potentially the safest option out there. This solution supports more than 1,000 various tokens and over 100 cryptos. In comparison with other cold wallet solutions, this is one of the most accessible in terms of price. It is not connected to the Internet and allows storing private keys in complete privacy.

How to Buy

To access all the benefits of TrustSwap, it is necessary to purchase some SWAP tokens. In case you are wondering where to buy TrustSwap coins, here is a full guide on how to acquire these tokens:

1.     Create a digital wallet – before purchasing tokens, it is crucial to have a cryptocurrency wallet for keeping ETH and SWAP tokens. Pick one of the wallets compatible with SWAP and with the ETH blockchain.

2.     Buy Ethereum – as SWAP tokens are mainly purchased with Ethereum, it is necessary to have some ETH in your wallet. Go to crypto exchange and get ETH for purchasing SWAP. However, some exchanges allow buying SWAP with fiat money.

3.     Choose a crypto exchange – pick a suitable token exchange that supports SWAP. Some of the reliable exchanges that feature this token are Transak, Uniswap, 1inch, Gate.io, Poloniex, Pangolin, PancakeSwap, etc.

4.     Buy SWAP – purchase the required amount of tokens using ETH or other currencies available.

5.     Transfer tokens to your wallet – after buying tokens, you can transfer them to an online e-wallet or cold wallet for maximum protection.

After purchasing SWAP, it is possible to either hold them or use them wisely by investing in TrustSwap projects and supporting the ecosystem.

TrustSwap Launchpad

TrustSwap has its own launchpad for boosting top-quality crypto projects. TrustSwap Launchpad is a great solution for emerging blockchain projects that need exposure to develop and grow.

How Does It Work?

Launchpad can be used by both token developers and investors. In case you want to launch your crypto project on TrustSwap, you can use a convenient toolkit that includes SmartLocks technology. Launching tokens at TrustSwap is more accessible than using other platforms that require deep technical knowledge. With an easy-to-use set of tools, anybody can create a new token and launch it.

All TrustSwap users can become stakers by staking at least four thousand SWAP tokens in a specific launchpad. The more tokens you stake, the more allocations you receive. This way, users can receive early access to the features of the project they are interested in.

Unique Features

TrustSwap launchpads have unique features for token stakers. Here are the benefits of staking SWAP in various new projects:

·        All stakers are guaranteed to receive allocations based on the amount of tokens they have staked. The more the allocation multiplier increases, the more SWAP tokens are provided.

·        Every launchpad project candidate is evaluated by a team of blockchain professionals before being added to the platform. This way, stakers get only reliable projects with great potential.

·        Tokens from new projects are being allocated gradually and on a transparent schedule. Thanks to SmartLock technology and security protocol features, all tokens are secured.

Launchpad for DeFi Projects

TrustSwap broadens the boundaries of DeFi by providing a secure and user-friendly platform for promising projects. Here are the features of Launchpad for DeFi projects:

·        By combining high security possible thanks to SmartLock solutions and raising awareness about the projects to bring them more benefits. Every project launched on the platform receives marketing assistance and connections with cryptocurrency influencers for more coverage.

·        Every project is observed carefully to prevent possible fraud schemes and rug-pools that affect token pricing.


TrustSwap is a revolutionary DeFi project and platform that delivers a bunch of native solutions to satisfy both token creators and crypto users. A unique launchpad is ready for the best fresh DeFi projects to give them the necessary boost and engage the audience. A range of solutions, from swapping tokens to easy minting, are available with the support of SWAP tokens. Token Lock and Liquidity Lock allow increasing the security of projects significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is TrustSwap?

TrustSwap is a crypto project that offers DeFi solutions. This platform offers convenient digital currency transactions with low fees and without intermediaries. Thanks to the variety of smart contracts, these transactions can be performed quickly and safely. The main goal of the project is to use DeFi solutions for facilitating and automating crypto transactions between businesses and individual users.

How Does TrustSwap Launchpad Work?

TrustSwap Launchpad is a platform designed for the convenient launching of new crypto projects on a variety of chains, such as Ethereum, Binance, etc. For cryptocurrency stakers, this platform allows staking SWAP tokens on promising projects. All digital currency projects undergo thorough evaluation before being added to the platform. This way, all stakers can be sure that the projects launched are reliable and secure.

How to Buy TrustSwap Token?

SWAP is an original token issued by TrustSwap, which can be purchased from a variety of decentralized exchanges. Some of them include Uniswap, 1inch, Quickswap, PancakeSwap, Pangolin, etc. To buy tokens on these exchanges, it is necessary to open a crypto wallet and acquire some ETH to purchase SWAP coins.

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