Published April 10, 20242 min read

Pay at Stores and Withdraw Cash: 1inch Expands Cryptocurrency Payment Options

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In 2024, just before the Bitcoin halving and during a bull run, one of the hottest topics was the shift of audience from Web2 to Web3. This transition comes in many shapes and forms. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms are catching the eye of both investors and users by offering opportunities for earning and financial freedom without intermediaries. In today's news article, Coinmooner wants to share with readers a significant achievement in this exciting realm:

The company 1inch has launched a Web3 debit card in collaboration with Mastercard and Crypto Life. This card empowers users to use cryptocurrency for online purchases, personal expenses, and cash withdrawals at supported ATMs, all with the convenience of a standard debit card. This move aims to attract mainstream users to DeFi, bridging the worlds of Web2 and Web3. The card will be available to UK and EEA users, with interested individuals able to join the waiting list on the official 1inch website.

This news comes at a perfect time, as cryptocurrency is once again grabbing attention. The launch of such a card represents a strategically important step in integrating traditional financial instruments with Web3's capabilities. Furthermore, the strong partnership with Mastercard ensures this opportunity on a global scale, offering convenience and accessibility for users in different countries, including the UK and the EEA, and sparking interest from both crypto enthusiasts and newcomers to the market.


Coinmooner has decided to shed more light on all the possible benefits of using this card. According to statements from 1inch developers, each card will have its unique number, expiration date, and CVC code. This will allow users to make payments for goods and services in their national currency after an instant, quick, and secure cryptocurrency conversion at the time of purchase. Users will need to have cryptocurrency in their 1inch wallet for this.

Additionally, this card can be used for convenient contactless payments when purchasing essential items at stores supporting this technology. Cardholders can also withdraw cash from physical and digital 1inch cards at any Mastercard-compatible ATM worldwide.

In one of our recent publications, “Currencies of the Future: How Crypto Companies Simplify Cryptocurrency Payments for Goods,” Coinmooner thoroughly examined and analyzed the process of withdrawing cryptocurrency and its use as a means of payment for regular users. Coinmooner will diligently monitor such positive market changes and promptly inform our readers. We also want to remind everyone about the importance of staying vigilant in the Web3 industry and carefully verifying the information you receive online. It's essential to safeguard your finances using advanced security methods to minimize the risks of fund loss and fraud.

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