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Published November 13, 20223 min read

Having difficulties transferring Bitcoin using a smartphone? If so, here's a guide on how to send Bitcoin with your smartphone.


This digital money is a fatal combination of both finance and technology but has the potential to reform every industry. Also, the success behind this virtual currency is that it has blockchain technology and a peer-to-peer network, making it decentralized.

Decentralizing this digital money refers to the non-existence and non-involvement of any financial institution. Also, this digital currency is a transparent yet anonymous system between sender and receiver as no middlemen are involved.

You only need a wallet address to transfer this virtual asset from one wallet. What's more, the wallet address is the only public identity of this virtual asset network. The bitcoin wallet gives people the public identity of this digital money and the secret identity of the Bitcoin complex.

Blockchain, the public distributed ledger, also stores wallet addresses as details regarding sender and receiver. Moreover, since this digital money is specialized software with fascinating features, sending this electronic currency from one wallet might seem complicated. However, here is a complete guide on sending this digital currency from one wallet to another using an Android device.

Understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a purely digital cryptocurrency, and there are no government authorities who own or regulate this digital currency. So, if you purchase this virtual currency via Bitcoin Era, you become the sole owner. This digital currency is stored virtually on Bitcoin wallets. Satoshi Nakamoto created this virtual currency as a payment method. And lately, people have considered this virtual currency a payment method rather than just making money from the coin.

On the other hand, some people are not familiar with how they can send this digital asset from one wallet to another. In the early days, this virtual asset was only accessible using computers. However, you can now use your Android device to send this digital currency from one wallet.


Android is the utmost widespread operating system in terms of mobile devices. These Android devices are used for trading, investing, and storing this virtual currency.

Sending this virtual currency from one wallet using an Android device requires a few steps. First, you must open your Bitcoin wallet.

Right after opening the Bitcoin wallet, you have to click on the send button of your Bitcoin wallet. Afterward, the user interface of your Bitcoin wallet will request you to insert the user's wallet address. Some Bitcoin wallets allow you to send this virtual asset by inserting an email address.

After inserting the wallet address or email address, you must insert the amount of this virtual asset you want to send. Additionally, these digital money wallets allow you to insert the number of fiat currencies you wish to send to the opposite party. Later, the Bitcoin wallet will convert that amount into this virtual asset.

After inserting the amount you wish to send, you must click on the continue button. Before sending money, you must confirm and validate every detail you insert into your Bitcoin wallet. The primary reason is that these virtual money transactions are irreversible. It is pretty impossible to reverse any transaction sent in the form of this digital money. However, you can request a chargeback from the recipient of this digital currency.

Android developers have created Bitcoin platforms, giving security its utmost priority. Therefore, you can safely use Bitcoin wallets on your Android smartphone without risking your funds. Nevertheless, these digital money users must be careful to use reputable and reliable Android platforms to access, receive and transfer their tokens.

The Bottom Line

Using your Android device to transfer this digital currency from one wallet to another means you are working with the latest technology. Generally, you can share this digital currency using an intelligent phone comfortably.

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